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October 18th 2009
Published: October 18th 2009
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One of the fun things about this work assignment is that I work with consultants from all over the world. This leads to a lot of cultural discussions. Apparently there is a tradition in Sweden of making something called (in English) Pancake Cake. Bjorn has given lessons to Pat and Wolf for making this dessert.

What the Swedes call pancakes, Americans (and the French) would call crepes. They are very thin pancakes. So to make pancake cake, you make 10 large crepes (thin pancakes), spread jam on them and layer them with strawberries, blueberries, or whatever fruit you have on hand. Then you cover the whole thing with whipped cream and let it set up in the refrigerator. And voila; you have pancake cake.

So if you ever wanted to know what psychologists do when they are not, well, psyschologizing, the answer is of course, making pancake cakes!

And now, here are the (unedited) directions from Pat as to how to make this creation:

Now for the important (please do not pronounce either of the two "t's" in important) pancakecake recipe, or as I like to say in Swedish, pannkakaTÅRTA
1. One box of Betty Crocker pancake mix.
2. Strawberries
3. Blueberries
4. Whipped cream (the real stuff, not that crappy non-dairy-whipped-topping shit).
5. Strawberry jam

CRITICALLY IMPORTANT (again, please do not pronounce either of the "t's") - use the "crepe" recipe on the Betty Crocker mix.
That's it.

The idea is to have about 15 layers of whipped cream and fruit, a natural and not too sweet dessert

Minnesota Warnings:
Now, a couple of warnings:
1. Do NOT use fruit cocktail - I know you're from Minnesota, so I thought I would mention this
2. Unfortunately, Jell-O brand Jell-O cannot be used as a whipped cream substitute (although I may try this in the future when no one is looking)
3. Whipped cream should be used and NOT that non-dairy-whipped-topping crap (again, you're Minnesota....)
4. Watch the stacking of the crepes, they tend to tilt a little bit if your not careful. Re-stabilization of the pannkakaTÅRTA can be obtained by putting it in the fridge (or outside in Minnesota, but watch out for hungry elk) to have it set up

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Hobby FarmHobby Farm
Hobby Farm

This has nothing to do with pancakes, but I took this photo at the Aramco hobby farm. They do, however, serve pancakes at the hobby farm -- just not pancake cakes.

18th October 2009

19th October 2009

It's good to know that gastronomic delights still rate highly on the SAC!
19th October 2009

Pancake Cake
Adrian, the bar has been set high. You'll need to be sure that you come over with your favorite recipe the next time you are in the Kingdom. It's not enough to rely on Kim and the catering at the SAAC; you now need to create your own culinary creations in the flats.

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