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October 15th 2009
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Today eight of us headed two hours south of Dhahran to a town called Hofuf. It's about an hour south of Abqaiq, which is another Saudi Aramco facility. We rented two large Suburbans and two drivers for the day. It was an amazing experience and yet another "I'm not in Kansas" moment for me. Hofuf used to be the capital of the Eastern Province (the area along the Persian Gulf) until 1953. At t... Read Full Entry

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The PotterThe Potter
The Potter

His shop is built into the Al Qara Mountains
Potter's mudPotter's mud
Potter's mud

This is what he uses to make pottery.
Making BanksMaking Banks
Making Banks

There is a slit cut into each of the globes. We think it was a bank.
Foot PowerFoot Power
Foot Power

His foot spins the wheel which is what make's the potter's turntable move.
Saudi potterSaudi potter
Saudi potter

Actually he is faking this. He speaks English and is a tourist from Riyadh. We had a nice conversation.

The fresh ones are in the box and the ones on the ground are drying out.
Lots of datesLots of dates
Lots of dates

Don't these look good? Did you know they grow on palm trees?
Ted and the mountainTed and the mountain
Ted and the mountain

This sort of looks like the American southwest. Kind of like Utah or Arizona.

15th October 2009

Excellent Blog Pix
Loved these.
15th October 2009

PB & J
They thought the orange marmelade was strange to have with peanut butter. However, I thought it was good. Go figure. If I don't agree to another cat, I'm sure she won't agree to a camel. Fair is fair.
15th October 2009

The shepherd with a stick
Could have been a picture of me last week trying to herd my pack of dogs (and break up fights). Great pix -- looks like fun!
15th October 2009

Isn't it Dodge that's Ram tough? Or did i just miss the joke? :-) great story and photos! thanks for sharing.
16th October 2009

Dodge - Ram Tough
Oops. I've fixed it. You didn't miss the joke, I just missed the point of the commercial (the name of the manufacturer). Sorry Dodge people.
16th October 2009

Hofuf photos
Thanks, Sherri. Yes, those sheep guys were really fun. And why there was a sofa outside the fort, Im not sure. Perhaps its Saudi hospitality: you can come into my fort, but at least I can make you comfortable.
26th December 2009

just a silly q..are women allowed to go and have a tour on these spots? lol..
28th December 2009

Women and Hofuf
Yes, women can tour these spots. It's probably not something you'd want to do on your own, but certainly women are welcome. In fact, you'll see the wife of one of my co-workers in the photos.
11th June 2011
Lots of dates

A comment
Great blog !!
3rd November 2011

My inquire id like to go in Hofuf in Gara mountain this coming dec 1-2 id like to know how to get visa,hotel and tourism tour for this cave please let me know what to do. thanking you
6th November 2011

Hofuf and the Al Qara Mountain Caves
Thanks for your inquiry. I stayed in Saudi Arabia on a business visa and I know that it is difficult to get a tourist visa unless you travel as part of a group. I will respond with more information in a separate email. Best regards, Ted
15th January 2012

Past Blast!
Whoa! I lived in Abqaiq from 1978-80. Most of these pics could have been taken back then! Hofuf and the caves have not changed much in 32 years! What fond memories of the people and land. Thank you for sharing.
4th June 2012

A friend
Hi, I like your blog. I graduated from from Georgetown University's FLL where among other things I became fluent in Arabic. Someone mistook me as someone who lived Saudi Arabia several days ago. One of my best friends grew up in Abqaiq
15th July 2012
Lots of dates

desert hafuf
hafuf is dry desert,one can find not a single green plant or bush, it is hottest place, i wonder how tourists survive here, anyway winter is proper time of photography in hafuf desert.
15th July 2012
Lots of dates

lot of dates
i like eating dates, dry or fresh, saudi arabia is dates growing area,dates trees are common here saudi are very hostile, saudi love to share fresh dates with guests and travellers, above photo of dates in the sun look good,naseem khan karachi/pakistan
15th April 2014
The caves of Al Qara

Do you know why it is so cool inside ? Your fotos are amazing. !
19th April 2014
The caves of Al Qara

Hohuf and the Al Quara Mountain Caves
Nasrin, thank you very much for your kind words. I'm glad that you like the photos. All caves are cool inside, regardless of where they are in the world. The cave walls insulate the inside from the outside air. In very cold climates, such as where I live, the caves are the same temperature, but they feel warm to us because it is cold outside. This is a wonderful place to visit. Thanks for reading my blog.

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