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Middle East » Qatar » Doha March 5th 2013

Yeah, so pretty much since my geologists friends have arrived, my wonderful diet has gone out the window! I'm not too bad, but I was really enjoying that downward progress on my scale. Oh well. It was worth it. Beer, food and much need company. There is not much to tell (shocking, I know), but we went to the souk a few times, to The Pearl, hotels, and just around where ever. There is a decent variety of food if you can take yourself to it. Most places are concentrated in certain areas which always seem to have trouble with enough parking spaces. The souk definitely has the most multi-cultural cuisines and the prices are not too bad. The Pearl is limited and expensive. The food at the Villaggio is basically crap - there are a ... read more
Kouzi Lamb
Iraqi custard

Middle East » Qatar » Doha March 2nd 2013

Most of Saturday I lazed about, cleaning off an on. I really need to hire a maid - I hate mopping. That evening, I picked up Jeff to head to the Museum of Islamic Art. I'd been there once before with Matt, but it is such a nice, peaceful, beautiful place it is worth going back to (and it's free). We took some nice photos and wandered about, but the place closed promptly at 8pm. Actually they started herding us to the elevator at 7:45 sharp, even though we wanted to take the stairs... Outside, we wandered down the walkway and took some pictures of the building and West Bay across the water. Waiting on Jeff's more professional photos. Until then, enjoy mine!... read more
Museum of Islamic Art
Museum Entrance
Dhows and Fanar Arabic Center in background

Middle East » Qatar » Doha February 14th 2013

I'm getting tired of describing the daily nightmare that is driving in Qatar, just as I am sure you're tired of reading about it. But I feel it says a lot about the mentality here. People really do not seem to care about anyone but themselves. I have yet to see a random act of kindness unless it is me. It is very sad and I wonder if I'll be able to handle being here for the next year or so. I'm not used to not only having people not smile at you if you do, but actually try to push you out of their way even if there is plenty of room. Sigh... I have had many western expats who live here tell me that they actually love it here ..... say what??? So, maybe ... read more
Minor dust storm
Still offroading to cut you off
Pot roast before

Middle East » Qatar » Doha February 8th 2013

Another blog of my daily life... Sorry - Qatar is not nearly as exciting as Dubai. I have no friends, no public transportation, no delivery, no gym... nothing. It is a bit of an adjustment. Fortunately, it has been a good week because I still love my job and I am so happy in my new apartment. I've been able to cook and relax. No more driving all the way to West Bay everyday - a 15 minute commute as opposed to an hour each way is so much better! So, since there is nothing specifically interesting to report, here are some general observations. I live next to about 4 mosques, no exaggeration. The call to prayer goes off sometime around just before 5am. It usually wakes me up, but it is fairly easy to go ... read more
Doha Zoo
The Torch
Blackberry and Lemon water

Middle East » Qatar » Doha February 1st 2013

The last 10 days or so were a whirlwind. I found an apartment that I liked, but it took sometime for my office to arrange it. I was supposed to move in last week, but since I couldn't I took an impromptu quick trip to Dubai. I hung out with Jamie, saw a movie with Samar, did some errands and upset Melvin for not calling him. Sorry Melvin!!! :( The flight to Dubai on Qatar Airways was extremely long - very crowded, unfriendly cabin attendents and caught in an hour long holding pattern over the gulf. Then we were parked at the complete end of the airport, having to take a bus back and I thanked god for my E-gate! Sunday night I stayed in the Mercure Hotel in Doha, definitely a step up from Ezdan ... read more
Almas Tower
Iraqi Food
Chicken Tikka with yogurt

Middle East » Qatar » Doha January 20th 2013

Saturday I set up an appointment and looked at two apartments, and I was good with either. They were set up nice and included everything. Everything. All utilities, furniture, appliances... even a full set of kitchen knives! They said with a one year contract, they would even replace my bed if I didn't like it. The second apartment's layout was a bit more homey so that was the one I went with. They sent me my contract and now it is up to my company to get this to move forward. I truly hope to get out of this crap hotel by the end of the week! Keep your fingers crossed for me! I came back to my hotel, took a nap and had some crazy dreams.... Then I headed out with my coworkers who'd just ... read more

Middle East » Qatar » Doha January 17th 2013

As usual, not much to report outside of work stuff. I've been getting along pretty well with my coworkers lately and working on a bunch of smaller projects which have kept me busy! And I'm reading the book I've been waiting for for 15 years! Basically, I'll be shut up in my room all weekend. Except for tonight. My american co-worker, Kay, invited me to dinner with her running club. We went to a place in Najma, which is an older part of town with very ethnic stores and restaurants. We had dinner at this Indian place and can I just say YuuuuummmMY! Oh, it was so delicious and super cheap. I got a full chicken masala, rice, naan, two diet cokes and split an appetizer (we all had generally the same meal) and all for ... read more
Indian Restaurant

Middle East » Qatar » Doha January 4th 2013

I know you are probably sick of me saying "there is nothing to do here" in Qatar - but it is fairly true. Fortunately, I just LOVE the work I'm doing. Like, seriously love it. The geology is interesting, the projects are unique, and we have a good crew working here that I get along with quite well. It is just sad that it is located where it is. I would love to blog about my actual work experiences day to day, but a) you probably won't find them as interesting as I do and b) they are mostly confidential anyway. One thing is that I have dived head first into the project. There are no engineers here and the whole of the middle east fugro offices are short on engineers as it is. Add on ... read more
Car Graveyard
Road to Nowhere

Middle East » Qatar » Doha December 19th 2012

We got Tuesday, December 18th off of work as everyone celebrated Qatar's National Day. They had been preparing for WEEKS - flags all over the country, bleachers lining the corniche, cars decked out in national colors... But Tuesday definitely took the cake. I slept in and rolled out of bed to go to work for a little while; we had a big report due on Thursday and I just work better when it's quiet. I got a lot accomplished and worked a solid, uninterrupted four straight hours until I left. I was afraid of the traffic because while it was a smooth ride IN to the office, I knew heading back was going to be a nightmare. My hotel is located in New Doha and right near the corniche. Sure enough, as I approached, the road ... read more
Photo 18
Photo 7
Photo 12

Middle East » Qatar » Doha December 18th 2012

Like many of my blogs in Qatar, this has to do with the driving. Positives and negatives. Negatives. These people are the most aggressive drivers I've ever come across. I have had people beeping and flashing their lights behind me when we are in bumper to bumper traffic waiting for the lights to change - what the heck do they want me to do???? It is complete and utter insanity, which gives me new respect for police officers in the US. These people can so easily cause an accident and they really don't care. They pass on the shoulders, in between lanes, ride your bumper until you move no matter how busy traffic is... Roundabouts? Frightening at times! Most roundabouts are at least two lanes wide and most are three - apparently you can be in ... read more
My normal route is blocked
typical pot hole
my typical breakfast

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