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Middle East » Qatar » Doha January 20th 2013

Saturday I set up an appointment and looked at two apartments, and I was good with either. They were set up nice and included everything. Everything. All utilities, furniture, appliances... even a full set of kitchen knives! They said with a one year contract, they would even replace my bed if I didn't like it. The second apartment's layout was a bit more homey so that was the one I went with. They sent me my contract and now it is up to my company to get this to move forward. I truly hope to get out of this crap hotel by the end of the week! Keep your fingers crossed for me! I came back to my hotel, took a nap and had some crazy dreams.... Then I headed out with my coworkers who'd just ... read more

Middle East » Qatar » Doha January 17th 2013

As usual, not much to report outside of work stuff. I've been getting along pretty well with my coworkers lately and working on a bunch of smaller projects which have kept me busy! And I'm reading the book I've been waiting for for 15 years! Basically, I'll be shut up in my room all weekend. Except for tonight. My american co-worker, Kay, invited me to dinner with her running club. We went to a place in Najma, which is an older part of town with very ethnic stores and restaurants. We had dinner at this Indian place and can I just say YuuuuummmMY! Oh, it was so delicious and super cheap. I got a full chicken masala, rice, naan, two diet cokes and split an appetizer (we all had generally the same meal) and all for ... read more
Indian Restaurant

Middle East » Qatar » Doha January 4th 2013

I know you are probably sick of me saying "there is nothing to do here" in Qatar - but it is fairly true. Fortunately, I just LOVE the work I'm doing. Like, seriously love it. The geology is interesting, the projects are unique, and we have a good crew working here that I get along with quite well. It is just sad that it is located where it is. I would love to blog about my actual work experiences day to day, but a) you probably won't find them as interesting as I do and b) they are mostly confidential anyway. One thing is that I have dived head first into the project. There are no engineers here and the whole of the middle east fugro offices are short on engineers as it is. Add on ... read more
Car Graveyard
Road to Nowhere

Middle East » Qatar » Doha December 19th 2012

We got Tuesday, December 18th off of work as everyone celebrated Qatar's National Day. They had been preparing for WEEKS - flags all over the country, bleachers lining the corniche, cars decked out in national colors... But Tuesday definitely took the cake. I slept in and rolled out of bed to go to work for a little while; we had a big report due on Thursday and I just work better when it's quiet. I got a lot accomplished and worked a solid, uninterrupted four straight hours until I left. I was afraid of the traffic because while it was a smooth ride IN to the office, I knew heading back was going to be a nightmare. My hotel is located in New Doha and right near the corniche. Sure enough, as I approached, the road ... read more
Photo 18
Photo 7
Photo 12

Middle East » Qatar » Doha December 18th 2012

Like many of my blogs in Qatar, this has to do with the driving. Positives and negatives. Negatives. These people are the most aggressive drivers I've ever come across. I have had people beeping and flashing their lights behind me when we are in bumper to bumper traffic waiting for the lights to change - what the heck do they want me to do???? It is complete and utter insanity, which gives me new respect for police officers in the US. These people can so easily cause an accident and they really don't care. They pass on the shoulders, in between lanes, ride your bumper until you move no matter how busy traffic is... Roundabouts? Frightening at times! Most roundabouts are at least two lanes wide and most are three - apparently you can be in ... read more
My normal route is blocked
typical pot hole
my typical breakfast

Middle East » Qatar » Doha December 8th 2012

After this week's issues with ordering foods, I stocked up on some healthier options that I can use at my own bare-bones hotel room. I have a fridge and a kettle - limited options but I am making do. Still no sign of a slow cooker anywhere... :( It has not been my favorite last few days, but I think it is mostly because I'm getting a little stir crazy in a one room hotel room where the only thing to do is mess around on the internet, which doesn't even work half the time. I miss cooking. So, I prepared my lunches for the week as well as easy snacks for the rest. I can munch on those for a while, right? I just had a giant steak delivered from Applebee's so I'm set on ... read more

Middle East » Qatar » Doha November 30th 2012

Yesterday we spent the whole day at the conference center. It was a really amazing experience; I got to sit in on some high level conversations between countries, got to meet even more new people, and got to ask both the Executive Secretariat and the President of the COP a question. Both of them were very nice and funny, actually. When I said I was from Alberta, the President went on about how he's been there before. The big meeting we sat in on was countries discussing what the role of the ADP (a working group within the UN) will be in the coming years. It was really interesting to hear what different countries put forth. Most of them seemed to think that there was a lack of political will to combat climate change and that ... read more
Photo 3
Christiana Figueres

Middle East » Qatar » Doha November 29th 2012

Well, the day has ended just like it began – frustrating. Travelblog is down and it is already passed my bedtime, so I’m writing this on word to copy in later so I don’t forget everything. I had an early morning weekly meeting at 7:30 with our big client for my big project. I thought I would be going myself but I got a text from my boss who met me there. He hasn’t been involved in the project but he is definitely good at laying out the facts and making the client happy at the same time – a rare talent. We were out in 25 minutes, as opposed to the hour they usually keep the other meetings. So, it went quite well, only I was upset before for some reason, I could not say ... read more
UAE's 41st Birthday
Ladies Taxi

Middle East » Qatar » Doha November 27th 2012

It's day 6 in Qatar and, right now, it's 11:34 p.m. This morning we went to the conference exhibition grounds for the first time. They had a ton of different booths set up, most of them showing new green technologies that are being developed. Probably the coolest thing I saw was an electric car that runs completely off solar energy; you plug it into a car port with solar panels on top and, in a few hours, it's ready to go! Of course, it also costs about $125 000, so I don't think I'll be getting one any time soon. Another interesting invention at the exhibition was a machine that takes humidity from the air, and condenses it to get water. This would be especially useful in Qatar, where they have almost no fresh water available. ... read more

Middle East » Qatar » Doha November 16th 2012

I can cross another item off of "1000 Places to See Before You Die." I picked Matt up at his hotel at 3 this afternoon and we headed to the Doha Museum of Islamic Art. Qatar's current leader, is looking to turn his country into the leading cultural center of the Middle East and this museum is one of the masterpieces. We were not disappointed! The musuem is free, except for the temporary exhibits, and there is so much to see. There are four floors and they are loosely divided by artifacts, region and time. A few of my favorites were the calligraphy area, where there were just amazing scrolls and books - my absolute favorite were the tiny octagonal shaped Qurans, complete with special cases, dating about 500 years ago. The glass exhibition was ok, ... read more
Museum close up
Dhows in the bay
Walkway to museum

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