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June 30th 2012
Published: June 30th 2012
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More journal from last week, getting there now!

Thursday 21/06/2012

So the last couple of days have been working in Doha still. Last night I went with Dina to the Souq and then a classical music concert (I know, right?) but it was actually really good. Starting to realise how rich everyone is here, they are all so generous though with paying for my meals and coffee and karak and chippati! LOVE those last 2 things fyi. Karak is sweet tea with evaporated milk and some spices, and chippati is indian thin bread, we had a sweet one which was really good. After the concert had karak and chippati (is that what it’s called?) with Dina, her Romanian friend who played in the show and a Romanian guy. It was really cool, just chilling discussing life., We so international :D

Bought some henna and gorgeous material, which with my HE skills I will fashion into lovely wrap or blanket.

Tonight went for a meal with Vicky and Steve Saint, friends of my ma. Had a really nice time, went to a Mexican place and then to a Belgian bar, both in the Intercontinental Hotel. Was nice to talk about home and stuff, and they recommended a few things to do! Didn't drink because you have to be 21 here and it is not worth the risk!

No idea what the plan is this weekend, but I will have to go food shopping tomorrow so I will go to the Carrefour and maybe sunbathe in the morning for the first time since being here!!





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