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May 19th 2009
Published: May 19th 2009
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So exactly 5 weeks from today I will be getting on a plane homebound....finally!! I really can't wait - I've already sent a box home, have a bag of clothes to give away and have packed 1 suitcase (full of long sleeve shirts, pants, etc. that I def won't be wearin from now til June 23). Have I mentioned how hot it's getting again - let's just put it this way - the water in my toilet bowl is boiling - NO JOKE/NO EXAGGERATION! I noticed this craziness last week when I lifted the lid and found the water bubbling away which continues to this day. You can see the heat rising out of it and see the condensation all over the lid and the seat - it's actually one of the craziest things I've seen!

So that means 5 weeks left of school which no matter how excited I am I really have no clue as to how I'm going to say good-bye to my kids. I love them more than anything and I really think it will break my heart to have to say goodbye to them, knowing that I'll never see them again. They really have become my own and I know the last week will be horrible and I'll just spend my days filled with tears thinking about it.

Nothing too exciting going on just work and hangin by the pool during the weekends - though it's getting too hot to even do that and will probably only be able to spend another 2 weekends doing that. It's well over 100 every day and it hasn't even gotten "hot" yet! I did find a ticket for Egypt though so off on the next adventure August 20th! Tickets were only $430 1-way and $800rt on airfare.com so those of you looking to come and visit should def check out that site. I've already had tons of people tell me that they're coming soo I'm looking forward to it and I have my school schedule already for next year so it'd be great if people visit when I have breaks so that I will be able to spend more time hanging out and showing you around. I don't know why the Christmas plans or summer plans are (a bit too far ahead) and will really all depend on what type of a job I get when I'm over there. Though I do seem to have a crazy amount of breaks (Islamic holidays PLUS our Christian/American holidays). I've already got some "possibilities" for housing so it looks like we won't have to spend time finding a place on arrival! THe best news yet is that my most amazing best friend is coming to help with the move and I couldn't be happier or more excited! It will be Ash's first time outta the States (besides a night away in Montreal for my bday) so it's a huge step but will be soo good for her (and me of course since now I'll have even more available luggage space!). So she's coming for 15 days so it will definitely make everything less stressful and much more relaxing and easy-going having her there for help and support!

Here are links to my pics from Sri Lanka:


So I'll be home June 24 and would love love love for people to come downtown for some drinks when I've gotten off the plane! I'm plannin on going to Flatbread (I have the biggest craving for not only alcohol but some good VT Hard Cider) so I'd love for you all to be there (those in VT anyways)! So mark your calendars (my plane arrives at 4 so around 5 or so)!

I actually might have to kiss the ground when I arrive! 😊



20th May 2009

It will be great to see you, have a safe trip home!

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