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October 10th 2019
Published: October 10th 2019
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It’s the last supper, it’s the last sleep (unless you count Lee’s snoozes), it’s the last breakfast, it’s the ....

Yes the time has come and that’s said by more than just the walrus! We had a delightful Turkish meal last night as our last night in Doha came around. Really good, even without the sisha that everyone else was sucking on, but again not cheap. The only thing that is sort of OK are sweets and lollies that we’ve seen being made. Stirred in giant copper pots the workers toil in already hot and oppressive conditions to turn out treats that are really good. They have a form of Turkish delight, lots of nut based treats and nougat and halva type slabs that are mammoth in proportion but look good. Having not long ago finished breakfast (or should that be breakfast finished us!) we could look and covet without sampling but we still managed a purchase.

I have moved in the last 24 hours, the proof should be in the previous blog, but the rhythm of in the pool out of the pool has dictated the pace here lately. I’ve managed to get Lee here today and in the pool for a while. As most tourists here use Doha as a stopover they feel they have to get their money’s worth and do a tour or something so we have the pool virtually to ourselves. In the shade with a slight breeze and still wet we are comfortable despite the 38 degree temperature. The weather is strange here. It gets dark early around 5:30 and that effect is exacerbated by the fact it’s still hot. As well you don’t feel really hot but you sure sweat it out yet it does not feel humid like the tropics. Anyway all is forgiven and forgotten when poolside.

A couple of the venues in the hotel chain look like remaining secret so it’s just the 4 of the 9 that I‘ve visited for one reason or another. They obviously have the souk tourist market here well and truely stitched up. Yesterday we saw a lot of big chain, international hotels but they were near the marina or in the DEEC zone. It would be a very different Doha you’d see from there, very much the emerging metropolis with the occasional architectural nod to Doha’s past. We have our room until late which means we can be comfortable until leaving time. Having checked Melbourne weather I may even have to dress up, that is long pants! Wearing my hiking boots may be an option too as they take up a lot of room and weigh a bit in the suitcase.

Anyway another swim, not the last for today though.

Here’s the last post though.

Well last until I get home.

Caio from everywhere overseas.

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