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June 16th 2019
Published: June 18th 2019
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We would never get use to this terrible heat. As soon as you leave the hotel it hits you. A curtain of hot air greats you and there is now way you get away from it. Even in the shade the hot air follows you. There is no colour in the buildings. They all have this grey shade over them. Of course the dust that hangs over the city is no help. The buildings all have flat roofs, no bricks or tiles, all flat roofs that they use for TV discs and other electric equipment so as air-conditions etc. You certainly have them here. Except in the souq. There they use these enormous fans to sort of keep a cool air going. We decided to visit the museum of Islam Art. Not that far away from us. The surrounds of this new building were superb. Water features all around it. As for the inside of it, cool very high with lots of stairs. You had a nice view over the water. As for the art, there were lots of old earthen ware, swords and weapons. Some very nice carpets from Iran. But it was all a bit boring not at all what we expected. Back at the hotel we freshen up for at 4 p.m. there was another museum that was . Not nice and there a]all about Falcons. They use a lot of Falcons to hunt but again this museum was not what it suppose to be. We saw one bird that was standing a sandpit tied to a chain. There was no show. At about 5 p.m. life starts. Taxies arrive at the souq to bring the completely covered women to this place to shop. All small shops that sell anything what you can think of. We had most of the time our meals in the souq. Good food and not expensive. Also it is nice to sit there on a sort of terrace, watching the people passing by. You really see all sorts of people in different styles of clothes. The women are completely covered at least most of them. The men wear I call them pyjama's. Those long white dresses. Than the tourists. Young girls who don"t wear much at all. Not many animals.All what I saw were a couple of cats. No dogs or other animals in the souq. Not many flies either probably to hot for them. That night early to bed we have to be up at an ungodly hour 4.30 a.m.That turned out to be a disaster for the wake up call suppose to be 4.30 but they called as at 1 a.m.so we went back to bed. Of course did not sleep much anymore. At 5 a.m. we were picked up by cab that took us to the airport. A 25 minutes drive. The usual problems at security but not that bad, I had to go back a few times but all good in the end. This was the end of our visit to Doha. Wrong time of the year to visit but where we were close to the souq was very interesting. Next stop is Amsterdam towards Etten Leur. See you there Liz and Alphons.

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