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November 10th 2006
Published: November 12th 2006
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KRIS: Okay, we didn't actually tour Qatar, but given we changed planes in the capital and that we were bombarded with adverts for the country through the entire journey, I feel it deserves a mention. All I know about the country is that when I was younger I had a Comodore 64 footy game called striker in which Qatar were the crappest team and ran really slowly. Now I know so much more.

Did you know there are more oryxes than anywhere in the world in Qatar?? Well there are. You can visit an oryx farm if you stay in Doha. For those of you who are a bit ignorant an oryx is a goat-thing. Kate loves them. She learned all about the successful captive breeding project in her degree and masters.

We landed in Doha and the view from the window suggested the entire country of Qatar is a bit like Tattoine - the desert planet in Star Wars. Having said that it's very rich apparently and has no crime (according to the inflight magazine). No mention however of their rubbish national footie team and how slow they run...

The airport was weird and interesting for a 2 hour stop-off. Seems to be a change over for east-west travellers with people from all around the world wandering around looking bleary eyed and thinking "Gosh, this place is a bit like Tattoine..." There was even a hen night in from England necking beers at 6am dressed as dinner ladies. Which was weird.

Anyway, rich, crime-free, dusty Qatar (I didn't like to mention they'd missed out a U) disappeared over the horizon as we jetted off to Bangkok playing Tetris on the in-flight entertainment system..........


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