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Middle East » Oman March 23rd 2008

Salalah, Oman Sultanate Oman is located northeast of Yemen and south of Saudi Arabia and U.A.E. Its shores are on the Arabian Sea and go north toward the Persian Gulf, but end before the Straits of Hormuz, at the U.A.E. border. Evidence shows settlement back 5,000 years, but until merchants began to sell frankincense, it was a relatively isolated country. Frankincense was thought to have divine curative powers and was widely sought after during the time of Christ, and was more precious than gold because it was only found here. It is a resin derived from the scraggly Boswellia tree, and is a sweet incense when burned, although I found it not that pleasant a smell. It is still used here, and now is very cheap. (No, I didn’t buy any!) Commerce flourished during the 2nd ... read more

Middle East » Oman February 14th 2008

We've got some work over in Oman and I needed to see the client on site as well as our agent in Muscat so I had a bit of a road trip on my hands. It's only about 210km from Abu Dhabi to the Oman border just past Al Ain, and then head south east another 130 to the town of Ibri. Once there you have to head West for another 130km to the Safah Oil Field. Due to security reasons you are not allowed to take any photos, in fact I'm not even supposed to describe the scenery, so I'm sticking my neck out putting this in writing. As you look out across to the Safa Oil Field you can see sand, rocks, a few scabby little bushes that have been chewed at by wild ... read more
This is how big books were...

Middle East » Oman » Muscat February 10th 2008

I had the pleasure this week of heading over to Oman to visit our offices over there. In particular I was there to deliver sustainability training to our staff over there. And luckily while I was there I was taken out onto one of our sites out there. The Oman Botanic Gardens site. ... read more
The thinkers
The OBG site
from many different views

Middle East » Oman » Muscat February 10th 2008

The Sultanate of Oman,is in my opinion,the jewel of Arabia and a perfect tonic to escape the cold wet European winter for a while. I found this beautiful country to be a five-star experience in a region sadly dominated for so long by violence and intolerance. It has been ruled by the same family for over 250 years and is a glimpse into an old kingdom as it once was before the wider region discovered oil riches and was developed out of all recognition. Thankfully Oman is a total contrast to it's brash big brother next door, Dubai, the current infashion Gulf hotspot, but with less of the over developed tourist complexes and more of the empty pristine beaches, fantastic food, excellent hotels and a vibrant middle eastern culture.This is a a land of myth and ... read more
Grand Mosque
Al Bustan Palace
Wadi Shab Oasis

Middle East » Oman » Dakhliya » Nizwa December 29th 2007

This had to be one of our most boring days on the road so far. We set off from Sur early in the morning again, after a lovely complimentary breakfast at the hotel. Mum and dad spied some packed lunches being made and decided that it would be a great idea to get some of those for the trip as we weren’t so sure how long we would be on the road today. However I declined the honour of one of these lunches, quite rightly assuming that it wouldn’t really be to my liking. Our travels today took us only on tar sealed roads, and after the adventures of the day before it really was totally boring. But would you believe that Pa Ade still complained about the bumpiness of the road, and how it was ... read more
The goat souk
The Mosque in Nizwa
Me driving the mighty Jeep

Middle East » Oman » Muscat December 28th 2007

Well today was a HUGE day. We got started really early as we couldn’t wait to get out of the horrible hotel that we were staying in. I have to say that it was probably the worst hotel that I have ever stayed in (and I have stayed in plenty), in terms of the overall impression of the place. So if you are ever in Muscat STAY AWAY from the Majan Continental Hotel. Go somewhere else. So we were all up nice and early (5:30am for Chelle and a little earlier for the elder Ade’s) and managed to get out of the door of the hotel at 7:45am. We hit the road out of Muscat with quite a bit of glee inside us (very glad to get away from that horrible hotel). Ma Ade was a ... read more
Chelle in Wadi Tiwi
Ma and Pa Ade
Dad munching away

Middle East » Oman » Muscat December 27th 2007

Today we hopped back into the car to visit some of the beaches near to Muscat. In particular we were heading towards Yiti and As Sifah. The route we needed to take took us very close to Muttrah where we were yesterday. After navigating our way through the Muscat road system we found ourselves at the start of the route. For some reason I had thought that the start of the route would be a peaceful little turn off, something akin to a turnoff to a beach in Christchurch. However as a complete contradiction the start of the route actually turned out to be this crazy little town, with tiny winding streets, that were full of people, animals and children. After this little part of town the route to the beach then rose steeply, and I ... read more
View from the top of the hill
Dad and I

Middle East » Oman » Muscat December 26th 2007

The shopping day! Today was officially dubbed the shopping day by mother, before the day had even began. After the events of yesterday the elder Ade’s had mutinied and decided that they were not getting in the car today and that they wanted to spend the day walking around Muscat. Little did we realise that Muscat is rather spread out and that you can’t really walk around it in the sense that you would walk around a city like Prague. The first task of the day was to find somewhere to clean the car. This actually turned into quite an eventful little mission. The first service station that we pulled up to didn’t have a car wash so we headed back onto the road to find another. The car wash had a queue. And I mean ... read more
The mosque
Souk Mattrab

Middle East » Oman » Muscat December 25th 2007

Well the day began as many a Christmas day has begun in the Ade family with a walk along the beach. Except this time the beach was in Sohar, Oman. A little different to little old Eastern Beach or Ohope Beach. Following the beach walk we settled down to the serious business at hand. That of opening up the enormous stack of presents that had accumulated. I must admit that I felt more than a little bashful when I surveyed the stack of presents as most of them were for me. Only 5 of them were for mum and dad (I had bought mum’s airfare over to Dubai as part of her xmas present). I must admit that I received a lovely haul of gifts, from the fantastic ‘Jaffas’ tee towel from Kathryn to the Bucklands ... read more
The grand mosque
Wadi Bani Awf
Wadi Bani Awf

Middle East » Oman » Musandam Peninsula December 23rd 2007

Well today saw the Ade family circus leave Khasab to venture back into the wilds of the UAE. We counted our blessing as we left Khasab that we had done the dhow cruise the day before as a rather stiff wind had blown up overnight and one thinks that the people on today’s dhow cruises would not have had as enjoyable time as we did the day before. Quite frankly the wind was more than a little stiff and cold. So tucked up in our nice, warm little jeep we started our journey back towards RAK. The trip down to RAK was rather uneventful with the only exciting event being the waves crashing on the beach. This was remarkably different to when we came up as the beaches were completely still then. It was exciting enough ... read more
Wadi Bih
Up the road of Wadi Bih
In the wadi

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