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Von Al Misfat aus wollen wir das Hajar Gebirge und dort die beiden Abschnitte Jebel Shams und Jebel Al Akhdar kennenlernen aber auf dem Weg nach Jebel Shams soll es noch einen tollen etwas versteckten Wadi mit Schwimmöglichkeit geben, den ich auf einem Blog entdeckt habe. Wadi Damm heißt er, was übersetzt im etwa "versteckter Wadi" heisst. Und seinem Namen macht er leider alle Ehre. Laut dem Blogbeitrag soll der Eingang zur Schlucht, in die man dann mit dem Allradfahrzeug noch ein ganzes Stück hineingehen kann, mit Google maps ganz einfach zu finden sein. Aber irgendwie haben wir schon mit der Suche am Vorabend Probleme und unsere offline Navigationsapp zeigt uns einen ganz anderen Ort. Wir versuchen es trotzdem mit Google maps und fahren einfach mal los. Zu schön waren die Bilder aus dem noch sehr ... read more
Geisterstadt auf dem Weg in die Berge
Jebel Shams "Grand Canyon of Oman"
Sonnenuntergang in den Bergen

The resort has installed glass barriers to make sure that none of its guests have their holiday plans disrupted by accidentally falling off the rim of the canyon hundreds of metres down into the gorge below. I’m keen to get some happy snaps from a bit closer to the edge so I go for a wander to see whether safety standards might be a bit looser elsewhere nearby. I wander through the outskirts of Saiq and find a spot where I can get right up to the canyon rim above the villages we hiked through yesterday. The views are beyond stunning. I share the view with two European girls and their Omani guide. The guide looks a bit concerned that his charges might be getting just a bit too close to the edge for comfort, and ... read more
Downtown Saiq
The Chef’s Garden at the Anantara Resort
Terraces below villages in the canyon

I get up early to take some happy snaps of sunrise over the canyon. There aren’t too many people around, but I’ve got lots of goats for company. This morning we've signed up for a hike through three of the small villages that cling to the walls of the canyon. Our guide’s name is Maher, and we are joined by a Japanese lady and her two young sons, and a couple from Hawthorn in our humble hometown of Melbourne. We haven’t gone too far when we come across an elderly man in long white flowing robes walking very quickly up the steep hill towards us. He greets Maher enthusiastically, and they have an animated conversation in Arabic. The man laughs almost constantly. Maher tells us that he is over 100 years old, and he walks up ... read more
Guardian of the Canyon at sunrise
Canyon from Jebel Akhdar at sunrise
Village on the edge of the canyon

Today we will be travelling up into the Omani Mountains where we will be staying for three nights on the Jebel Akhdar, or Green Mountain. We head off on the same six lane super highway that we drove out to the Wahiba Sands on two days ago, before turning off towards the town of Nizwa. We leave the main road and start climbing steeply. We arrive at an army checkpoint. Our driver Majid tells us that this is for “safety and security”, although it’s not entirely clear exactly whose safety and security he’s referring to. There is now almost no traffic, and we are perhaps slightly concerned that the first two vehicles we pass coming the other way are an ambulance with its sirens blaring, and a camouflaged military truck. Soon afterwards we pass a heavily ... read more
The locals, Jebel Akhdar.
Issy drying her hair.  She’s under there somewhere.  Really.
The Omani Grand Canyon from Jebel Akhdar.

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