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Middle East » Lebanon » Bcharre March 13th 2019

Wednesday March 13, 2019 – Kat arrived last night around 1am, got settled immediately, and went to sleep. I am not so fortunate. It took me ages to fall asleep again, and then it was a light sleep since I knew we had to get up early. I got up before 7am and Kat followed shortly after. We left around 7:15 and waited for our Uber to take us to the travel agency. Kind of annoying, really, since they pick up and drop off other customers who are staying in a hotel. We arrived by 7:30 and went looking for some breakfast, but had a bit of trouble finding anything in that area. Then I found a guy with a cart who had a circular bread I wanted to try, so that was great. It was ... read more
View from bus

Middle East » Lebanon » Bcharre July 13th 2012

This morning, we got up fairly early as we were heading north to see the Cedars of Lebanon. We didn't go straight there, but saw different sights along the way. First was, Mar Antonios Kozhaya in the Zgharta district. It's a monestary in the northern mountians where the first printing press in the Middle East was invented. The press is in Syriac, an extinct language the preceded Arabic. Some of the litergy in the Maronite Church in Lebanon today is still said in Syriac. The press was invented in 1610. In the monestary, there is a museum in which the first press is showcased along with other artifacts. It was amazing to look at the stone tablet with the different Syriac letters carved on them used in the printing press. It was amazing to think that ... read more
Tools for the printing press
Joanna, Me and Joseph

Middle East » Lebanon » Bcharre October 22nd 2010

Got up early to catch the bus to Bcharre, 1st from near the Charles Helou bus station I hailed a passing minivan to take me to Darwa, I specifically told the driver to let me off there, but he forgot and only realized we passed it when he looked worried asking me where I exactly need to go, sorry Darwa is over there behind us, I was so pissed, he dropped me off at an overpass to cross over the other side and head back, I told him I ain't paying cause he screwed up, I heard him mutter but I didnt care. Now I have to deal with traffic going into the city again! Beirut traffic in the morning to town is horrendous and took ages to get to Darwa. Once there I asked passerby ... read more
Qadisha valley hike
The Cedars

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