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Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea October 15th 2013

October 15, 2013 After wandering the ancient streets of Jerash it was on to the other place we were visiting that day, the Dead Sea...truly a mythical place, the lowest point on Earth and somewhere I had always wanted to visit so was really looking forward to it... After a nice drive through the Jordan Valley we caught our first glimpse of it in the distance...excellent! We opted to hit the public beach, it is significantly cheaper than paying admission to one of the luxury hotels lining the Sea, all for the privilege of using their beach...pfft...think it cost us 15 JD's each, still enough but again not as bad as other places... Good facilities, had a really nice pool as well but eating options are limited to an expensive buffet at the one was ... read more
Two corks...
Dead Sea II
Dead Sea III

Middle East » Jordan » West » Madaba October 14th 2013

Today, we should visit Jerash in the morning. In the afternoon, there was more time for Madaba, because we didn't had that much time yesterday to see everything. But first, we had breakfast at our rooftop restaurant in our hotel (Mariam hotel, in Madaba). Again, the breakfast contained out a small English breakfast (eggs, vegetables, some small lamb sausages), flat bread with hummus, and small, sweet breads, coffee, tea and fresh juice. After breakfast, we left to Jerash, together with our guide Omar and of bus driver Waél. Jerash is one of the best kept Roman city's of the world, and the best kept Roman site of the Middle East. Only 5-10% was found, the other parts are still buried at the site or buried underneath the modern city of Jerash. In the Old Testament, Jerash ... read more
The South Theather
Cardo Street

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea October 13th 2013

This day, was the first "real" day of my trip. After the first night, it was time to stand up, and time for breakfast. Our hotel, Mariam hotel, had a rooftop restaurant. There, you had a nice view over the city of Madaba, and it was the first acquaintance with Jordan by daylight. And then suddenly you realize that you are in Jordan and a total different culture, and of course The Middle-East. The town and the houses looks just like you see on TV and you already hear the hectic of the city life. I took breakfast, and I started to meet the other ones of the group, which arrived with another flight than mine. I saw them yesterday evening very fast, but I didn't really know them yet. The breakfast is totally different than ... read more
Map of the Holy Land
Memorial of Moses
View from Mount Nebo

Middle East » Jordan » West » Madaba October 12th 2013

Today was the day: I finally go to Jordan! Before my trip, people asked me why I wanted to visit Jordan, a country in the Middle-East. People think that Jordan is also very restless due the Arabic restless, but that's not true. A time ago, I saw a TV travel program where the Dutch Erica Terpstra (old politician and old athlete) was visiting Jordan. She went to Amman and I really like the atmosphere, it looked like a "1000-and-one-night", fairytale. Then, she visted Petra. I was very wondering what was behind "the Siq", a narrow canyon with a big height. Then, you saw the Treasury of Petra. I never saw that in my life, and my mount fell open: This couldn't be true! Since that moment, I would like to visit Jordan and started to read ... read more
Me at Schiphol
Our Plane
In the Sky

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea June 9th 2013

8/6/13 hongkong my clock on the ipad says 2.45am so im guessing thats sunday morning in nz wow I've been up for a while! But i got to watch django on the plane which I've wanted to see for ages. I'm at the ymca which i just found out stands for young women's christian association, so its ywca Lochlan didn't mention that bit. Rooms pretty basic and a shared bathroom. Missing brent, my dreams keep drifitng to that horrible night, maybe its effected me more than i thought. I'm glad i got a shuttle from the airport, its a while away and theres heaps of people and crazy drivers, also its raining. I'm not to far from some main shopping streets by the looks of it, i'll check it out tomorrow, along with my awsome new ... read more
Jade markets
Jade anklet i got

Middle East » Jordan » West » Al Karak February 1st 2013

No snow overnight, but it was still cold and gloomy with the threat of more rain. Ahmad talked with the Tourist Police and was advised that while the Petra site had opened this morning it was likely to be closed down again if (when?) it rained. Not really wanting to go through the whole evacuation exercise again we agreed with Ahmed that the best course of action would be to proceed to Karak. After a quick stop at Moussa (Moses') Spring we started climbing back into the Petra Mountains. Before long we were above the cloud line and visibility was almost zero again and the road was lined with snow that had been ploughed from the road after yesterday's bad weather. When we reached the other side of the mountains the sky was blue and there ... read more
Karak Interior
Karak Tunnel

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea January 28th 2013

Our first stop this morning was at the Greek Orthodox St George's Church in Madaba. This church is renowned for the 6th century Byzantine mosaic on its floor that shows the entire region from the Nile Delta in Egypt in the south to Jordan and Palestine in the north. The detail recorded in this early map is impressive. Just a few more kilometres by road found us at Mount Nebo which has been a centre for pilgrimages since the earliest Christian period. It is also reputed to be the burial site of Moses who climbed the mountain to view the Holy Land before he died. Unfortunately at present the peak of Mount Nebo is largely obscured with construction works. The historic church atop the mountain has been restored, but is now having a larger church, sponsored ... read more
St Georges Church Mosaic Picture
Sad Santas
Mount Nebo Sculpture

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea January 19th 2013

January 1, 2013 - We arrived in Amman, Jordan around 6pm and immediately jumped in a taxi headed for the Dead Sea. We had absolutely no idea what to expect during our time in Jordan. The cab ride was about 45 minutes and our ears were popping much of the way as we headed to one of the lowest places on Earth. Once we arrived at the beautiful Dead Sea Spa Hotel, we went down to the sports bar to grab a drink and enjoy the nice night on the patio. Again, we called it a night fairly early because we had a very busy day ahead of us. The next morning we woke up around 7, ate breakfast, and headed down to the beach. The beach was empty because it was only in the mid ... read more
view from hotel room
view from hotel room
Dead Sea Spa Hotel

Middle East » Jordan » West » Madaba October 10th 2012

Wednesday - Dead Sea - Bethany by the Jordan, Mt. Nebo, Madaba, Shawbak Castle to Petra We leave the Dead Sea and head to Bethany beyond the Jordan, where Jesus was baptized. It was already hot hot hot by 9sh and on our way we could see Jericho off in the distance. Imagine 2 penguins in the desert…that was basically equivalent to 2 Canadians in the desert this morning, melting… We arrived at an area where we had to wait for a shuttle to take us to the sites and the Jordan River. We walked on a pathway and visited the Baptism site and then onto the Jordan River. Sian stepped into the Jordan River where they were baptizing people from the other side and to her surprise it wasn’t shallow. We visited the St. John ... read more
He's watching us too
Jordan River

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea October 9th 2012

Monday evening - Tuesday - Dead Sea Monday evening - At the end of the day, we head to the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth, 400m below sea level and as we make the very long drive down, our ears keep popping. Would not want to have to climb up this highway on foot. The view is incredible as we drive down to our resort and towards a whole day tomorrow of kicking back and no touring. As much as we have absolutely loved this we are looking forward to some downtime, some pool and beach time. Once we got through security and dropped stuff at our room, we headed down to the beach through the resort property... a long way down...but we didn't make it down to the beach fast enough to see ... read more
Puts some perspective on the elevation
Dead Sea (2)
Sunset on the Dead Sea (2)

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