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Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea April 10th 2007

Been a while since last post, and falling behind. Haven't had much net access lately. Currently in a net cafe with no ventilation, surrounded by chainsmoking Syrians... not sure how much longer I can stand it so this may be short :) When last we met we'd arrived in Amman. The following day we headed out to visit the fabulous ruined Roman city of Jorash, the highlight of which was a fabulous semi-circular theatre in excellent condition that seats ~3000 people. It was even possible to view seat numbers carved beneath the seats... funny how some things work so well they remain unchanged after two thousand years. Was amazing to just sit on a seat (by seat, I mean rows of concrete benches) and wonder who had sat in the same seat over the past two ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea November 25th 2006

On Friday morning, I joined up with the Ingall's again and headed out to visit the various historical Christianity sites a stones throw from Amman. Our first stop was Mt. Nebo, the Memorial of Moses, the presumed site of his death and burial place, and center for pilgrimages since early Christian times. The site was located high above the Jordan Valley on a cold windswept hill with sweeping views of the valley and Dead Sea. From here, we cruised down the hillside to an important place associted with Jesus and John the Baptist, the settlement of Bethany where it is presumed the baptism of Jesus took place. The site is located along the Jordan River, and along the border with Palistinian controlled territory in Israel. For sure, the highlight of my day was taking a dip ... read more
Ahhh great fun!
Laura Floating
Baptism Site

Middle East » Jordan » West » Madaba November 16th 2006

14 Nov - Went to visit the Roman ampitheatre (yet another one!) in Bosra, Syria before heading onwards to Jordan. First border crossing where the men and women were processed in separate areas. Generally quite easy to get our group visas and entry stamps. But the major hassle tends to be the processing of the truck's paperwork, which is usually fairly slow and tedious. This crossing was made a little easier with a donation of 6 boxes of ciggies. Bush-camped that night in the Jerash National Park (fabulous). 15 Nov - Visited the Roman ruins in Jerash the next day. Once again, not too many ruin photos. Then it was onto Madaba and Mount Nebo (800m high). According to the Book of Deuteronomy 34, this is where Moses was supposed to have seen the Promised Land ... read more
The Promised Land
Mosaic tiles

Middle East » Jordan » West » Al Karak August 7th 2006

Monday August 7, 2006 - Another early day. Got up and had to take a taxi to the bus station to get the bus to Karak, which is two hours from Amman. Finished reading my book so that I could swap with my roommate. When I got there the driver told me to get off, but I couldn't see where the castle would even be. Just like yesterday, only not as bad. But frustrating. So I asked a man in the street which way to go, but since he didn't really speak English, he walked me all the way to the castle. Very nice actually. Spent the next three hours or so wandering around. It is a standing castle, but a lot of ruins. A lot of it is without a roof, and then there were ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » West » Madaba August 5th 2006

Saturday, August 5, 2006 - Today I got up early and met Alex to start the day. We had big plans - go to Madaba to find him a new hotel, then visit Mt. Nebo, Bethany, and the Dead Sea. Easy right? We had to get a share taxi to the bus station and then a bus to Madaba. That part was easy. He checked into his hotel and then we were off. Got a taxi to Mt. Nebo, the place where Moses saw the promised land and later died and was buried. He picked a good place - there were really nice views of the area, including the Dead Sea and Jerusalem (if there hadn't been haze and pollution). We walked around, and then went into the church there dedicated to Moses. Inside the church ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea April 9th 2006

Geo: 30.7668, 35.3437We hit the road this morning for Shawback castle. Rabbi decided to change the itinerary, as he believed this castle was better than the one we should have visited. It seemed okay. It did have a secret passage or two that we were able to go partly down. This castle was set up on a hill and we were all celebrities for the half hour we were there. There was a group of local children who wanted to continuously take photos of us!We kept driving until we arrived at our Dead Sea resort. There we ate a huge, fancy buffet lunch. After we had eaten all that food we had to change and get ready to float!! The sea was still, no waves. We were told not to open our eyes or mouth under ... read more
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