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August 5th 2009
Published: August 5th 2009
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Our first visit to Jordan was 10 years ago. It was also the first time the three of us traveled together. We created our itinerary and cultivated our list of places we had to see and things we had to do. Kyle was most excited about seeing these very old inscriptions in Wadi Rum. He kept discussing and discussing these inscriptions that were near Lawrence of Arabia's well. His excitement seemed to swell the morning we were scheduled to go to Wadi Rum on Dec. 30, 1999. We were in the back of the jeep driving to the infamous well and Kyle kept rambling on about the history of these inscriptions. Okay Kyle, we get it!

When we arrived at the well, we jumped out of the jeep and listened to our driver explain the history of the well and the inscriptions. After his explanation and sent us on our way to take in the sites, we noticed that Kyle was no where to be found! What the heck? We are in the middle of the dessert, how can we lose him? About that time, our driver asked us where Kyle was going and pointed toward the top
Kyle taking in the view of the inscriptionsKyle taking in the view of the inscriptionsKyle taking in the view of the inscriptions

He is able to take a look without climbing like a mountain goat.
of the rocky mountain. We had no idea what he was doing, so we walked to the well, looked at the inscriptions and took a few photos. Then we waited for Kyle to scramble among the rocks.

Kyle returned to the jeep covered in sweat, out of breath and looking disgusted. As our jeep sped off to continue our jeep tour and Kyle caught his breath, he turned turned to dad and I said, "Man, if those inscriptions were around here, I never saw them!"

Fast forward 10 years to our time in Wadi Rum: Kyle finally got to see the inscriptions in person (rather than just in the photos I took 10 years ago). During our camel trek, we took the camels to drink at the well and while we were there, we made sure that Kyle got to see the scriptions and take some photos.

Who knew he would have to wait 10 years?

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Common View in Wadi RumCommon View in Wadi Rum
Common View in Wadi Rum

If this looks familiar, it may be because this is where the movie Lawrence of Arabia was filmed.
Others trying to see the inscriptionsOthers trying to see the inscriptions
Others trying to see the inscriptions

This little herd joined us at Lawrence's well for their mid-day drinks.

5th August 2009

All I can say is WOW!
Kyle and Valerie, I asked Kim to forward me the blog you were sending her so I could read every word.... and I just did. What an amazing adventure you have had! I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading the narratives. I have been educated and intrigued. THANK YOU for sharing your experiences! I must say, I can't wait to see Kyle's BA suit! :)

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