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December 24th 2009
Published: November 10th 2017
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Bedouin HousingBedouin HousingBedouin Housing

These guy's are our neighbours
Geo: 29.5234, 35.0072

Yeah, we left Egypt behind.. it's a funny thing but the reality is Egypt was hard work. Baksheesh is the only thing they understand and it gets tiring. I think we got jack of the Baksheesh thing because being Australian we do not understand how something at the end of the day can cost more then the agreed price!! The buggers generally attempt to short change you just in case you do not double count the money then they pocket the Baksheesh!! They have this interesting way of folding the notes over and double counting the one in the middle. Having seen the technique practiced a fair bit now we generally get the full change back.

The process to get out of Egypt was nearly as crazy as the event to get in, none the less we persevered and got onto the 3:00pm boat at 5:00pm. Two hours on the ferry meant we landed after dark.

Arriving in Jordan was a pleasure, the shorty got X-rayed and passed the inspection, the process was quick and only cost us $50 Dinar (about $ 80USD). The strangest thing is the Jordan Dinar is stronger than the US dollar!

We turned right out of the
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Crazy country.
port and headed to the Bedouin Beach Camp… sounds nice doesn't it.. We found it easily and discovered that it is called the Bedouin Camp because Bedouins camp there. (the Bedouins are a tribe of Jordan). The original campers, they are semi nomadic people living in very dodgy looking tents throughout the desert. They seem friendly enough although we can't communicate at all but they leave us alone which is the main thing.

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Lisa recon's the look is a combo of Bee Gee's & Air supply. Can you believe the sunnies, very cheap in Aswan. I recon it looks cool man!

29th December 2009

Look at you... starting to think your becoming a bit of a posser...hehe nice sunnys ...
29th December 2009

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