Photos from North, Jordan, Middle East

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The Cardo Maximus, Jerash
The Cardo Maximus, Jerash
Ajloun Castle (3)
My argeeleh and my girl :)
Old Meets New
MJPics 063
Window to the roman ancient times
Ruins of Church
Reaching the end of the Cardio...last arch before the North Gate
Staircase & grand entrance leading to the Artemis Temple
beautiful carved stones
by the entrance of the stairs leading to the Artemis Temple
Nymphaeum - iconic fountain area of Jerash
Beautifully carved Nymphaeum
Sysmic proof collumns - you can actually make them move (scary...)
Ruins of the market area - Macellum
The main Roman road, the Cardo Maximus
Oval Plaza - an architectural jewel
Enjoying the sunshine
Great theatre
Music player at the great theatre
Side view of the Zeus temple
Overlooking the Oval Plaza & Cardo Maximus from the Zeus temple
Oval Plaza, stunningly well preserved
Entrance - Hadrian Arch
Entering Jerash
The Temple of Artemis
North Theatre
Stage entrance - North Theatre
North Theatre
Chatting on the steps of the North Theatre
Locals - short cut accross Jerash ancient city
Jordan Photos 087
Roman Theatre Panorama 2
Shamrock Cafe
The Dead Sea
Amman desde la ciudadela -- Amman from the citadel
Ciudadela -- Citadel
Amman desde la ciudadela -- Amman from the citadel
Temple of Hercules, Amman
Flag Pole
Umayyad Mosque
Temple of Hercules
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