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Middle East » Jordan » North December 8th 2018

Day 18: 'Dougie at the Mosque' is how I shall remember today. While a quick tour of Doha was good (and eerily quiet of tourist's), and having company (Kaitlyn) helps majorly with logistics, I think my 40 minutes with 'Dougie the converted' will resonate for years. Entered the national mosque to be met with dismissive Arabians who said I cannot enter due to my shorts being 2cm too high - a lower waistband in it by my reckoning. Then my Lord and saviour, Dougie from Surrey, comes out and says he'd take on the burden of potential backlash from elders. Thick British accent, grey-browny hair to the top of shoulders and strawy beard (no moustache though). Surprisingly colloquial chat, but great to learn about the place. Then the speakers roared into action and the chat was ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman October 21st 2018

So, back on the bus it was. You know, that once a day bus from Petra back to Amman? Well, there's certainly enough business to run a more frequent service because as well as those of us with booked seats and tickets there was a significant number of other people who were on 'standby', ready to fill any empty seats. What a scrum! And, yes, I do realise that queueing is not a concept that is understood or adopted everywhere but I do think the concept of fair play is, or should be. As soon as I realised that those on standby were just pushing to the front and sitting in any vacant seat, despite a chappie on the bus trying to get everyone into their rightful place, I stuck out every protruding bone I had ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman October 15th 2018

Sorry it has taken so long to post this first blog and that our silence has caused some of you some concern. We're well and having a super time but have had some difficulty getting regular, reliable internet access. I'm blaming the Himalayas for blocking the signals! So here's Blog One of this trip, in haste and without photos (because I'm struggling to upload them, hopefully they'll follow in due course) just to give reassurance that we're still alive and kicking .... There's this thing about travelling for extended periods - it takes a lot of planning. And that takes hours and hours of research before deciding where to go, how to get there, where to stay and what to see and do, followed up by all the bookings and documentation. Sensibly, I leave all of ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » North » Jerash April 18th 2018

Our last day of the tour, we left the hotel around 8am and got to Jerash around 9am. Jerash is a very large ancient Roman site on par with Ephesus in Turkey. I didn’t even know about it until we had booked this tour. They even have a chariot race and gladiators show in the Hippodrome, but we didn’t have time for that. Lana took us all the way through the complex which took over 2 hours. Lana showed us a spot in the amphitheatre in the centre where you stand and your voice comes back amplified. This explained why we saw the group of youths singing in that spot in the Amman amphitheatre. We left Jerash around 11:30 and drove through Amman again to get to the Dead Sea around 1pm. All the resorts here ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman April 12th 2018

Woken by the first call to prayer which is suppose to be just before sunrise so I'm guessing 6am but didn't know for sure as I just went back to sleep. Ended up waking around 7am and there was a knock on our door at 7:50 for our breakfast. The man informed me we could have our breakfast on the roof top which we duly did and it was quite lovely. Amman is a very hilly city and we had quite an expansive view. After a good tasty breakfast we arranged for the hotel to look after our luggage and said we'd be back around 4:30pm to pick it up. We found our walk to the Roman Theatre interesting in itself and passed a section with jewellery shops which apparently has been the site of jewelry ... read more
Street Art Alley
Jewelery Area

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman April 11th 2018

Early morning arrival in Doha, Qatar airport after a 15 hour flight where we managed to get some sleep thanks to new travel pillows just purchased from Kathmandu. I'm not sure why I never tried them before as it's the first time I woke up without a stiff neck after a long flight. Food was good on Qatar and the hostesses were very nice and accommodating. 3 hour wait in Doha went quick while we had coffee in an Illy cafe and had free wi-fi. Plane took off on time for the 3 hour flight to Amman, our final destination. There was a money changer just before you get to Passport Control where you buy your visa but there is also an ATM where I managed to successfully withdraw cash using our Citibank Debit card. Also ... read more
Daisy at Gallery Guest House
Amman Street Art
Amman Street Art

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman October 26th 2017

To be sure, travel with companions is a different way to travel than my accustomed solitary own - way experience. In several ways it was a better way to go. One good thing about having experienced global travelers for company is that they have great ideas about what P should be doing. Among them was a day tour to JERASH, highly recommended by Jordan tourist expert, family and fellow Trini, Janine. Ally and Margaret had arranged that visit to fill our Day one. It was an excellent choice. Jerash is the site of an ancient Roman city and the well preserved Hadrian's Arch. The drive from Amman to Jerash took us past rolling hillsides covered with neat rows of olive trees, which is a major crop of Jordan. As in Egypt it is common for people ... read more
castle ruins at Ajloun
trini tourist at Ajloun castle
roadside tea stall at Ajloun castle

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman October 19th 2017

Skipping ahead in the journey sequence. I'm now hopelessly behind schedule because of so many days without internet. The current hotel is one more nail in that coffin. I cannot catch up.... but I also can't wait to talk about the most amazing fabulous surprise I had at my hotel in Amman, Jordan. So I'll jump ahead to that story. Four days ago. Most of that day was spent on the onward journey, at airports, flying from Luxor to Cairo then Cairo to Amman. I was sorry to leave Egypt. I wrote my love letter while waiting at the airport in Cairo. Then I set my eyes on Jordan and the adventures waiting there. Largely unplanned, without the rigorous schedule of sightseeing I'd set myself for Egypt, Jordan would just unfold So I'm at the hotel ... read more
night out in Amman
just a chance street scene near our hotel

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman June 1st 2017

.....And onto the Jordanian capital city, and all it entails. Amman is far and away Jordan's largest urban area and is situated in the northern section of the nation. Another day trip was to be worked into the mix for the Amman stay, and in this instance, it was a day trip to the Dead Sea taking in the sights and sounds of Madaba, Ma'in Hot Springs resort and anywhere else en route where a photo opportunity might have existed. First up was the town of Madaba, famed for its mosaics, and the main church of Madaba is your best bet for seeing the mosaics which have essentially put the town on the map. A cluster of shops, and a few other low-key establishments made up the rest of the urban fabric, and it was then ... read more
A beach with a twist (Dead Sea; Jordan)
A snapshot of the urbanscape (Amman; Jordan)
The Roman ampitheatre (Amman; Jordan)

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman February 13th 2017

Jordan is a land rich in epic scenery, world heritage sites, and natural wonders. It is also a spiritual heartland; a land blessed with a rich religious history. It is a land that inspired prophets and formed the spiritual backdrop for God’s covenants. Over the next four days, we will visit sites where modern day miracles happened, trek along pilgrimage routes mentioned in the Old Testament, take in views of the Promised Land revealed to Moses, visit the site where John baptized Jesus, see where Elijah ascended into heaven on a Chariot of Fire, and stop to enjoy the tranquil scenery where Jacob wrestled with an angel. Remarkably, the landscape in Jordan has changed little in the last 2,000 years. Today we ventured north of Jordan’s capital to Anjara, Jerash, Tell Mar Elias & the Jabbok ... read more
Anjara - Our Lady of the Mountain Church
Miraculous Weeping Statue
Tall Mar Elias

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