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October 12th 2013
Published: October 12th 2013
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People were given a choice of whether to go to Jerash or sleep in and have a spa day. Half of us chose to go to Jerash and I’m so glad I joined them. The bus ride was about an hour and a half. We picked up our guide, Maraj in Amman on the way. We had been told that it was another old Roman ruin, but what a surprise when we pulled in and saw the condition of Hadrian’s arch. From that point, everything got better and better. Our tour through the large area remains kept impressing me more and more. The ancient city of Gerasa, now called Jerash, is about 2,000 years old and the remains are well preserved and excavations and restoration efforts are continuing. I saw the hippodrome, the oval plaza, temples, theater (still used), arches, walls, baths and more. Of course, street vendors lined the entrance and exits. I was going to buy a shirt, but the label said made in India. That seemed to me like buying an American flag made in China. I passed. I told our tour director that I thought this trip was undervalued as a destination. Sometimes it’s better to have low expectations blown away, as this experience was for me.

Lunch was in an interesting Jordanian restaurant with lots of salads, great bread, hummus and chicken and lamb. Very nice lunch in a very nice restaurant.

We got back to the hotel about 4:00 and I went swimming in the Dead Sea. What an experience that was. I floated very easily (33% salt), but I found it to be very difficult to get vertical. I couldn’t get my feet down. I made it back to the stairs and had to grab hold of the railing to get back up. Great experience, but once was enough for me. A few drinks later I witnessed a great sunset.

I was invited to dinner with friends I had made on the trip to the resorts grill restaurant. They had steak and I had seafood, but we all were happy with our meal. After dinner we went back to our rooms and packed for tomorrow's departure to Petra. Another day of unforgettable memories. ILYS

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13th October 2013

Chuck, Go back and put some of that Dead Saa mud on your body. You\'ll come home looking like you had a beauty treatment.
13th October 2013

Yiddish humorist speaks
It is not the seas that divide the peoples, but the peoples that divide the seas. by Sholom Aleichem, from Yidishe Folks Tzeitung, 1902
13th October 2013

More Wow!
Chuck I love your commentary and pictures. After seeing your pictures and your commentary, I can't wait to hear more. What an experience. Rick

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