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July 19th 2009
Published: July 19th 2009
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Kyle and Valeri at Aljun Kyle and Valeri at Aljun Kyle and Valeri at Aljun

From the top of the castle, we could see Syria, West Bank, Israel...
We were dying to get out of the city and into the countryside of Jordan. Our first stop was the Aljun Castle, built during the time of the Crusades by Saladin. It was built on a hilltop overlooking the Jordan Valley. Once we were at the top, we could see much of Israel (Palestine) and Syria. This is one of the most famous landmarks of the Crusades and near one of the most famous battles of the Crusades. Saladin is the most revered Muslim military leaders. When we went to his grave, there were Muslims crying in his honor. Inside the castle was a detailed mosaic that was reminenscent of Turkey. When Saladin's men were guarding the castle, there were three lines of defense: moat, slits for arrows, and a structure in which hot oil could be poured on intruders!

After Aljun, we drove to Jerash to see the world's best Roman ruins. The ampitheater was impressive, and so were the column-lined streets. We also saw the hippodrome where they were re-enacting chariot races. We decided the Romans were a murderous crew, but they could sure build beautiful cities!

The temperatures have been warm, but not suffocating like a
Valeri on Jerash Main StreetValeri on Jerash Main StreetValeri on Jerash Main Street

The view looking down the main drag of the Roman ruins was lined with in-tact and impressive columns.
hayfield in Kansas. The sun is intense and you can feel the intensity on your skin, but if you step into the shade, it is almost cool. I guess that is why our Middle Eastern friends favor head scarves.

If you would like to know more about the history or sites that we are seeing, you can click on the map on our blog.

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The Roman ampitheater with the steepest steps we've ever seen.
Have some time on your hands...Have some time on your hands...
Have some time on your hands...

Valeri and Roy waiting for the show to begin in Jerash ampitheater. Getting a good seat was not too difficult!

20th July 2009

I wonder if we told the Royals that if they lose more than 80 games next season, they'll be in the Coliseum League for Winter Sports. A much cosier 'stadium' with tigers and lions as opponents! Great photos and commentary! Courage.
20th July 2009

Incredible scenery!
Keep the pictures coming, I love seeing them!

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