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Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman May 29th 2012

WARNING: This may get a little insensitive in regards to the treatment of animals. I absolutely love animals, but I just have to tell the facts. So if you can’t handle it, read the directions. Have you ever woken up, sat in bed for a few minutes thinking about what you’re going to do that day, and then decide you’re just going to walk and see where it takes you? Well, that’s what I did. I got dressed, strapped on my handy backpack with Simba poking his head from the top and set off down the hill with my camera around my neck. Because it was a Wednesday, the markets weren’t basking in their full potential so I, looking like a straight-up American tourist, got more than several offers as I walked around. They had nothing ... read more
Masterpieces of Amman
A View From The "Poorer" Apartments
Following Directions

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman May 28th 2012

I returned to the university the next day, by myself, to find it open. I uncertainly walked in to a man seated behind a desk. “Ahlan wa sahlan,” I greeted quietly. The man returned my greeting and continued to ask what I needed in Arabic. At this point in time, I was getting comfortable with understanding what people were saying, but still a bit shaky on answering them in Arabic. I am in serious need of a verb-vocabulary increase. So I just went to my mother tongue, “I’m looking for Stephen Bush?” I said with a questioning tone. It’s a bad habit to get into: making statements as if they’re questions. A woman was in the process of walking past the glass doors near the reception, but on the opposite side. She saw this ... read more
Fii al-wadi
The castle

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman May 27th 2012

Well this was quite the interesting day I will assure you. Lots of meeting and re-meeting going on that particular Sunday. When I look back on how many things I did, I realize that won’t be able to write half of what happened now, but I will at some point in the future. I intend to take my stories and put them in a book and publish them for my family and children and grandchildren to read, which is why I am being so detailed. I realize that I do not have the time to write most of everything, and when I do, I don’t feel like writing. I have to be in a mood, so this day will be short, even though it was super long and filled with adventure. I will do a special ... read more
He Had to Take a pic
An Inscription
Fii duwaar sitta

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman May 26th 2012

Thank God for laziness! I woke up at around 12pm the next day, Saturday. While most say that’s lazy, keep in mind I had 6 hours of sleep when I’m supposed to be on vacation. Delayed jet lag is the worse because you think you’re fine the first couple of days and then bam! You’re dead tired and sleepy in the middle of the afternoon. If I hadn’t woken up at a teenager’s time and started to head out to wander the streets at 1:15pm, I never would have met Michael and Landon. I met them as I got a small card with the hotel’s information and a simple downtown map on it. (The previous night I went to a café down the street for a couple of hours and couldn’t find the hotel for 20 ... read more
Photo 31
Photo 32
Inside the sauna

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman May 24th 2012

The day was hard and long. How could it not be? I left San Antonio at 5:45pm (when my plane was supposed to leave at 4:56pm) on May 22nd and did not arrive in Amman, Jordan until 0312 on May 24th. In my transit to the Kingdom, I had watched 4 movies, slept 2 hours, and had a 6-hour layover in Frankfurt, Germany, which I took advantage of. I quickly left the airport and headed to the heart of Frankfurt just to walk around, catch some cheap dinner, and find free Wi-Fi to let my frantic mother know I was okay. After all was said and done in Germany, I was able to catch an hour nap due to our flight to Amman being delayed an hour and fifteen minutes. Yes, I only slept one hour ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Simba in the subway

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman May 24th 2012

I awoke the next morning to a somewhat still darkened room. I sat up checking the time: 10:34. Not bad for someone who went to sleep 5 hours earlier and it was 2am back home. After checking my body for obvious bug bites and finding none, I walked slowly out of the door and into my assigned bathroom. I knew now that they called it a Water Closetfor a reason. After trying to take care of getting over the idea of putting used tissue in the trash can next to me instead of in the toilet, I walked back into the room and closed the door quietly. My miniature balcony door was still closed and I could tell that the light behind it was screaming to be released. I moseyed on over and turned ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman April 4th 2012

Began our holiday with a visit to the Roman amphitheatre in the old city. It seated 6,000 people and was used for musical performances. Nearby is the much smaller Odeon which seated a mere 500. Strolled around the downtown area of the old town following the guidebook’s walking tour, didn’t take long, up and down steps and sloping streets. Amman is set in a series of steep valleys so it looks attractive with sand coloured houses up the slopes but that means that all walking requires going up or down steep flights of stairs between buildings or walking along the less steep roads. Traffic is quite manic with lots of cars, honking horns and little application of the rules of the road. Shared a big pitta bread covered in goats cheese for lunch which we ate ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman April 3rd 2012

Welcome to Jordan! We made it - our Middle Eastern adventure has finally begun! 22 hours after take off we landed in the surprisingly cold city of Amman, Jordan. We decided to treat ourselves to a night of luxury at the Grand Hyatt before our jam packed adventure begins! This turned out to be a great decision as when we checked into our tours starting point hotel the following day, it wasn't exactly going to be topping any "best lists".We had read in lonely planet before leaving that there is this amazing local street cafe to eat at. So good, the Royal family even dines there! As always, Lonely Planet never lets down and it was an incredible meal. For about $1.50 each we feasted on felafel, hand cut fries, fuul (a delicious Fava bean dip) ... read more
Roman Ampitheatre
Hashem Restaurant

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman January 12th 2012

Geo: 31.9494, 35.9329We started this morning from Petra and drove about one hour to Wadi Rum. This is a national park in the middle of the desert. The scenery is spectacular. We transferred to a 4 wheel drive (which had seen better days) and headed into the sand amongst the rocky mountains. Wadi Rum means Valley of the High Mountains and it is certainly that. There are many high sandstone mountains and the ground is all red sand. We climbed up one of the sand dunes and then stopped at a Bedouin camp for hot tea. In this area Lawrence of Arabia was active in 1917 during the Arab revolt against the Ottoman Empire. We saw his face carved on a rock near the Bedouin stopping place. We spent about 90 minutes driving through the sand, ... read more
Desert at Wadi Rum
Our 4 wheel drive

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman October 23rd 2011

Dinner last night was a great success. I rounded up three from our trip (Kathy, Andrew and Michael). We were joined by a Monitor couple who are colleagues of Andrew’s . We ate at the “Living Room” a very westernish restaurant about 15 minutes from the Crowne Plaza. Jennifer ordered about six dishes and we all just dug in. This morning we spent in a three hour meeting. Local staff at RTP told us about the local operations in Jordan. Then we drove 15 minutes through Amman to a Community Centre to take part in a session organized for teenage girls (and observing moms) by the Jordan Chechen society. Turns out that these Islamic Yugoslavians were driven out of their own countries by Stalin , and others, and were taken in by the Jordanians. Nevertheless they ... read more
Amman Before Lift Off
Chechens discussing Violence
Lindsay with The Appetizers

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