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Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman February 7th 2013

Desde mi primer dia en esta casa, la Familia Zeidan, comandada nada mas y nada menos que por el gran Jeque Saed-Zeidan Amo Abu-Mousa, me comenzo a introducir a lo mas profundo de la cultura Jordana. Por los primeros dos dias, el caos y la prisa de los varios miembros de la familia me paso incompredido. Al inicio, no supe distinguir si era mera rutina, o si algo especial acontecia. Tras uno o dos dias de duda, y con una urgencia por saber cual debia ser mi rol y actitud en la situacion, me decidi preguntarle a mi hermano Omar. "Ahki, por que la gente se nota tan estresada?" La llegada de Muhammed occurrira en dos dias. Al escuchar esto me quedo frio. Muhammed es el nombre del profeta del Islam, tal como Jesus lo es ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman January 28th 2013

Estoy en Amman. La aventura en este pais y en esta region del mundo ha comenzado. Durante el vuelo, un par de veces me pregunte, que p*tas hago aqui? En que me meti? Quien carajos me manda a mi, un ciudado de Siquirres, ha andar metido en el Medio Oriente? Por lapsos fugaces de tiempo me senti dudoso. Sin embargo, pronto recupere la actitud. Yo escogi venir a este lugar. Desde hace tiempo descubri que queria experimentar esta cultura, estas creencias, esta situacion que se vive en esta tan famosa, pero tan incomprendida region. Pronto, el deseo de aventura que siempre he llevado, otra vez se apodero de mi. De repente estaba listo, de repente me sentia lleno de seguridad, de repente pude ver Israel desde el aire. Una vez en el hotel en Amman, ya ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman January 26th 2013

Here we go again! Wake up call at 6.00am, breakfast at 6.30am and on our way to the airport by 7.15am. I hate cleaning my teeth before breakfast, but it's either before breakfast or not at all with the these early starts and having to leave our bags outside our room before we go to breakfast. We only found out that we were being dropped at a different terminal from Meredith and Alex as we neared the airport. There was no opportunity for a long, emotional farewell as Amal bundled us and our luggage out of the minivan while Meredith and Alex stayed on board. Meredith and Alex have been wonderful travel companions and the four of us have really enjoyed each others company during the last 20 days. Amal escorted us into the airport, but ... read more
Looking Down
View towards Hercules Temple
Guess Who

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman October 7th 2012

Jordan Sunday, October 7th Jordan, 1 night Amman, 2 nights Dead Sea, 2 nights Petra, 1 night Aqaba The first two paragraphs are a double entry I am making for Jordan and for the blog for Egypt. When we had decided to visit Jordan and Egypt we had decided that we would go the route of two different tour companies and we were far from disappointed. Actually both of the companies, their guides, drivers, office staff and meet and greet people far exceeded any of our expectations. Two tall blonde women travelling in these countries and we were treated with respect and welcomed with warmth, great hospitality and service. Would go back in a heartbeat and would strongly recommend these companies and doing some individual research when making choices. We found them through research of different ... read more
Inside the mosque looking out
A view from the Citadel
Inside the Mosque

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman August 23rd 2012

After leaving Koh Tao in Thailand at 9.15am on the 22nd august, I finally arrived in Jordan on the 23rdAugust at 4pm (after going back 4 hours in time). So all in all I had been travelling for about 36 hours to finally reach Jordan. Along the route I had a brief stopover in Qatar where I disembarked the plane and it was over 50 degrees!! Everything went very smoothly at the airport and I made it, finally to my destination. As I have learned a lot on my travels, things change and at very short notice. My friend, Fez, whom I was visiting in Jordan, was meant to be picking me up from the airport but unfortunately he got a flat tyre so I made my own way to the hotel. Not a problem, I’m ... read more
The balcony overlooking the Dead Sea and Palestine
Sunset at the Dead Sea
The resort

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman July 31st 2012

A warning ahead of time - I don't have a gift for describing food or tastes, but hopefully you can get an idea from the pictures and my few short descriptions; I wanted to show some of the people at home what arab food is like. Laila's mom is just as good of a cook as Laila had described to me. She has cooked most of our meals (but her dad did the fish and homemade pizza) and there hasn't been one that I didn't like. Yesterday was my first time trying Mansaf, the national dish of Jordan. I loved it! It's lamb over rice with a fermented yogurt poured in over it and it has a completely unique taste. A lot of foreigners I have met say they really don't like it, but honestly, I ... read more
Fattet jaj
Stuffed Chicken
Bread laid out before the mansaf

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman July 21st 2012

This blog will mostly be about the people of Amman and my experiences in the last week. Any inaccuracies in information about Ramadan or any misrepresentations of peoples or places are not intentional. These are merely my observations :) This blog also marks two years that I've been traveling and two years that I've been blogging on!! :D This time last year I was getting on a plane for my first big trip, to China. with no idea what to expect. Now that I've done a bit more traveling, I've become a lot more comfortable with it. Ramadan Begins! I'm honestly loving the Middle East so far. The people, the places, the food. All of it. Even though finding food for a while may be tough: this weekend brought the start of Ramadan, a 29-30 ... read more
Amman skyline
Traditional Islamic Headdress
City Mall

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman July 13th 2012

The Party (Thursday Night) Thursday is the arab worlds "Friday". The last day of the week so after class it was finally time to relax and do something fun. Laila, her sister, and I ended up going to one of her friends parties where we met a lot of people from Laila's highschool and I got to see how arabs party. First thing I noticed was there was a ton of food. Plenty for everyone. Outside where it was quieter people talked and smoked, while inside arab pop music shook the building and people were up and dancing to the beat for hours at a time. There were tables to sit and eat or have a drink, but Laila and I opted for dancing most of the time. The dancing was fun, but not someting I'm ... read more
My argeeleh and my girl :)

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman July 9th 2012

Laila's family graciously spent their weekend taking me into downtown Amman to see some of the most well known sights. We drove to downtown, parked on a hill with a great view of the hills, and explored some of the ancient stairs of old Amman. At the end of one particularly long set, we came out right onto the street and I was hit with the noises and smells of a bustling Middle Eastern city. We spent a while walking the streets of downtown, past jewelry shops, shawerma places, electronics stores, everything. Her parents even bought me a hatta (or keffiyeh), the traditional arab headdress! Wearing it gave her family a good laugh. We went in a few other shops around town and had Knaffeh (a delicious arab dessert) at one of the best known knaffeh ... read more
The Citadel
Downtown rooftops
Laila and I

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman July 6th 2012

After a long week with very little sleep I've finally finished my first week of Arabic classes. The school and the classes are very much like I expected and I feel like I'm getting more and more comfortable with the language. I haven't been overwhelmed by the course so far at all but I am quite a bit behind everyone else in the class. I'm the only student in the A2 (Beginner 2) Arabic before that hasn't taken an Arabic course before so my vocabulary is not up to their level in Classical Arabic (MSA). The good thing is that Laila has been helping me with colloquial Arabic since March so I actually got bumped up a level in the spoken Arabic class. I think after the first 2 weeks I will have improved my vocabulary ... read more
View from Talet el Jabal
Talet el Jabal

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