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December 14th 2014
Published: December 14th 2014
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AMMAN 12,13,14,15 December, 2014. Cool, overcast weather.

We travelled to Amman by taxi in the mid morning. The road was busy. The driver spent more time holding his phone than the steering wheel, making for an 'exciting' journey of 30 kms.

Amman is a large sprawling city, built on many hills/ mountains ( Jabals ). Very much a city ruled by the motor vehicle. Footpaths are rubble strewn or occupied by parked cars. It seems that most people don't walk. Understandable in many ways, but as we like to walk, we trudged up and down hills. The scenery is disappointing (at best!). Most buildings are white concrete in various states of repair. Very little general colour, perhaps not helped by overcast sky.

Jordan is very expensive 1 Dinar= aud 1.71. This makes any activity over the top. Not many things in town to see really. The Big Attraction is the last King's car collection. Reviews are mixed, and as our taxi experience was concerning, we decided to forsake it. Instead wandered locally. We are centrally located supposedly. Wandered to the main Mosque and the surrounding streets. Then set out for another zone, supposedly coffee houses, nearby but meant, crossing 8 lanes of heavy traffic unaided by lights, pedestrian crossings or foot bridges. Became all to hazardous so gave up.

The hotel is ok. Christmas decorations and Carols abound, and this is a strong Muslim country. Makes Spain's lack of shop decoration obvious!

The food has been mixed. We both generally enjoy Arab/ Lebanese food, but unfortunately this has not the best display of it. This blog seems one long moan, apologies.

We are forsaking travel in the Emirates, and after an overnight stopover at Dubai airport hotel fly on to Bangkok where we will meet GAH for Christmas. So this is my last post.

I wish those of you still reading the blog a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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15th December 2014

a shane
What a let down rot you last port of call however, a few laughs to have in the future when you reminisce . Take care & enjoy Bangkok. S

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