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Middle East » Jordan » East February 11th 2017

It's one thing to follow in His footsteps via the written word. It's quite another to LITERALLY follow in His footsteps...walk the Via Dolorosa; stand on Mount Olive, sail the Sea of Galilee, renewal of Baptism vows at the river Jordan. If you are like me, I remember the big picture of my religion; it's the details that can get fuzzy. This latest trip, that I am sharing with my daughter Katie, will help bring me closer and provide me with clarity. This is the story of my Pilgrimage to the Holy Land as it unfolds.... read more
Kingdom of Jordan
We have arrived

Middle East » Jordan » East May 2nd 2013

Resumo: Queria muito trabalhar!; Aqui, não me sinto em 'casa'; Vou seguir o meu 'feeling'. Estou bem. Estava com a sensação de "viajar" por quase 2 meses, mas não. Na verdade estou sem voluntariar há 1 mês e meio. Desde que descobri que Namíbia não era o meu lugar, o vento me trouxe aqui, Oriente Médio. No Egito senti que eu poderia fazer algo por lá, mas fiquei meio obcecada em trabalhar em um projeto de Permacultura na Jordânia. Assim cruzei rapidamente o Egito e Petra (Jordânia) para chegar aqui em Mazraa, do ladinho do Mar Morto. Logo no primeiro dia descobri que na verdade aqui não era exatamente o lugar que eu procurava, mas Ok. O projeto era bacana. Trabalhar com 'GreyWater' (água que sai do banho, da máquina de lavar, da pia do banheiro, ... read more
My smallest friend
Barbecue & Tea
Working @ School

Middle East » Jordan » East April 12th 2012

Took the car on a much longer trip out to see the ‘Desert Castles’. Due to my lack of map reading ability and the poor signage our intention of driving to the North of Amman and starting our circuit East from there didn’t happen as we ended up after a number of U turns and a helpful police escort on the southern road to the East. Once we were safely on the main highway in that direction we had a good day! Drove towards the Saudi/ Syrian/ Iraqi borders in theNorth East and stopped at the ex-oasis town of Al Azraq. Not a pretty place, once a caravan stopover and now a big truck stop on dusty crossroads. Spent a while at the Wetland Reserve there and joined the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature. ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » East June 8th 2011

Few people escape from Clubmed, but luckily, some mornings I woke up in another city. Once, it was Amman. Amman is pleasant, in a Western, tourist sort of way. I asked a taxi driver to take me to the centre of town, where local restaurants fed local people. I ended up in Rainbow Street, where authenticity is delightful feigned in a way to make armchair travellers like me feel comfortable. Another time I found myself in Erbil, a Kurdish city in Iraq, for the time being. People said it was old, around 5000 years old. The Citadel looked it. Wow, that and the market was a culture overload, so I headed back to the hotel, where the top floor restaurant offered skyline views through stained windows and a Latino night spectacular performed by a pair of ... read more
Rainbow St, Amman

Middle East » Jordan » East January 7th 2009

See letter in English after the one in Spanish Amman, 15/01/2007 ¡Hola Lou! Como te decía ayer, hoy he ido a los castillos del desierto. He ido con una furgoneta, en una excursión organizada que sale desde el hostal. He pensado que era la mejor opción, porque visitar los castillos por cuenta propia es mucho más complicado (y caro). En el grupo había un señor holandés jubilado de pelo grasiento, un francés rubio con coleta que no sabía inglés y apenas hablaba y dos americanos de los Estados Unidos. Ninguno de los cuatro parecía gilipollas, así que la salida ha sido muy agradable. Todos los castillos que hemos visitado están esparcidos por el desierto al este de Ammán, y son de la época de los omeyas, es decir de los siglo VII y VIII. Uno de ... read more
Qasr al Hallabat
Qasr al Hallabat
Qasr al Hallabat

Middle East » Jordan » East October 24th 2008

I am gearing up for my next Habitat for Humanity trip to Jordan-will leave Canada on Oct 27th and will visit Israel first. The HH build starts in Jordan (Hakaba) on Nov 1st and will last until the 10th. Hope to update as I go. Jan is tired of long plane rides so is sitting this one out-I flew from SSI to Winnipeg on Oct 19th-then down to lake to stay for a few days. Oct 26/08 came in from West Hawk Lake yesterday- weather is just in process of changing here in Manitoba ( went through a short snow event) Did some last minute shopping for books,sun screen etc then stayed with friends last night-everyone is talking about the stock market meltdown....I leave Winnipeg tomorrow at 11.00 for Montreal -then layover until 10 pm and ... read more
moslem quarter
Allenby Bridge

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