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January 16th 2007
Published: February 22nd 2007
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Hello everyone. This first posting is mainly a photo ode to Yacu for those friends and family who haven´t recieved any recent photos--here you are! These photos take us through our first week of travel, from Israel to Managua, then on to the cities of Matagalpa and Esteli.

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yacu and friendsyacu and friends
yacu and friends

yacu is planning to travel with alison on her back and leo on her belly.
napping in the airportnapping in the airport
napping in the airport

napping in the airport
yawn at the airportyawn at the airport
yawn at the airport

36 hours of airline transit--what a sport!
bus to matagalpabus to matagalpa
bus to matagalpa

We finally arrived! And we keep going...this bus will take us to Matagalpa
waiting for the bus waiting for the bus
waiting for the bus

waiting for the bus in managua
yacu pee-peesyacu pee-pees
yacu pee-pees

stop the bus! yacu pee-pees...
booba booba peesbooba booba pees
booba booba pees

...and later, leo and booba booba pee!
matagalpa swingingmatagalpa swinging
matagalpa swinging

swinging in matagalpa
yacu and trin with floweryacu and trin with flower
yacu and trin with flower

hiking in sleva negra near matagalpa, yacu and trin stop to say hello to a blooming flower on our path
underwear on head, selva negraunderwear on head, selva negra
underwear on head, selva negra

yacu´s after-bathtime ritual, the naked dance, also occurs whenever the mood strikes, like here by the lake in selva negra.
naked dancenaked dance
naked dance

naked dancing!
watermelon on the buswatermelon on the bus
watermelon on the bus

yacu is really into the bus rides, especially when she´s got a hunk of juicy watermelon in her hands.
sandino in estelisandino in esteli
sandino in esteli

a silhouette of sandino adorns the entrance to esteli, where the red and black flag still flies high
smiling yacusmiling yacu
smiling yacu

"ah, I love being in this stronghold of sandinismo!"
swinging in esteliswinging in esteli
swinging in esteli

wherever we go, we find the swings
crazy familycrazy family
crazy family

crazy family
view of esteli countrysideview of esteli countryside
view of esteli countryside

one day we took a 6 km hike to a local swimming hole. that´s esteli in the distance.
umbrella walkumbrella walk
umbrella walk

Who says you don´t need an umbrella in the dry season?
estanzeula swimming holeestanzeula swimming hole
estanzeula swimming hole

sun is shining, and we have a sweet place to swim!
estanzuela swimsuitsestanzuela swimsuits
estanzuela swimsuits

very refreshing! yacu thought it was a bit cold.
watermelon giftwatermelon gift
watermelon gift

Yacu was stoked that some other swimmers gave her their leftover watermelon.

22nd February 2007

you are alive...
and well! Keep both enjoying and writing! Love!
26th October 2009

Beatifull photo.

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