7 Tips For Traveling To Israel For Beginners

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June 1st 2019
Published: June 1st 2019
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However small Israel is, this unique country has a lot to offer. It's definitely a huge experience to visit Israel for the first time, but the magic awaits you every time you return to this land. The society of Israel is idiosyncrasies and complex; it has various history melting pots, in terms of ethnicity, and culture, which makes it very fascinating for one to explore.

Below we have several tips to consider when visiting Israel for the first time:

1. Modest Dressing For Religious Sites

When visiting western Jerusalem wall, it is essential to have modest clothes. Women should cover their shoulders with a dressing which is below their knees whereas men should have long sleeved shirts with long trousers. There are Kippot and head cover for women which are expected in the holly sites, especially for women that don't dress modestly.

2. Remember the Shabbat

With the sunset on Friday nights, the Jewish Sabbath begins, in which many Israelis take upon themselves a one-day sabbatical and disconnect from daily life. Restaurants and stores are closed, no public transportation, and the roads are calmer. You need to consider this when you organize your trip for Israel so you should not get stranded somewhere during the Shabbat.

3. Remember The Religious Holidays

You need to look for some Jewish holidays using google search where you can search for the Yom Kippur which is regarded as the very holy day in the calendar of jews. In such holidays, all the Israel roads are calm no moving, and most Jewish will always be fasting. There is also the Jewish Halloween known as Purim that has crazy parties, more alcohol, and fancy dresses. Also, look at their Passover which they call Pesach that is one week-long holiday which forbids any consuming leavened bread.

4. Soldiers Are Always Armed Everywhere

All visitors of the first time will find this a surprise where they will require more time to adjust to the situation. Most teenagers tend t join the army when they are done with high school in Israel when they attain 18 years, and they serve for about military service of three to almost five years. Wherever you are, in the bus stop, walking alongside the streets, relaxing and soaking at the sun, or even being in the beach area, you must see some young Israelites which are soldiered with some rifle.

5. One Is Allowed To Bargain

Every open market of Israel doesn't accept the vendors to bargain, but they, however, expect one to bargain. When one doesn't haggle, then people there might perceive you to be the sucker. Whether you purchase the jewelry, clothing, or food, their prices are so flexible.

6. Taxi Drivers In Israel Do Overcharge

The taxi drivers always take advantage of having the Israelite tourists overcharged. When you want to avoid getting ripped by the taxi drivers, then ask them that the meter should be turned on so that you can calculate the prices. You can, however, decide to download Israel Uber, the Gett, which will offer one some legitimate prices.

7. Expect The Diversity

Israel has always been credibly diverse and tiny country according to ethnicity and landscapes. During winter seasons, one can drive for about three hours and a half towards Tel Aviv into the snow that covers Mount Hermon mountains at its far north.

When planning your trip to Israel, the above tips are very necessary, and you can visit www.goldcarpet.co.il to look for all the information you need.


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