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Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Bat Yam October 29th 2017

Time to collect our hire car and explore further afield. One last walk through the Old City to the Pool of Bethesda and the Rockefeller Museum, a building complete with bullet holes from the day it ceased to be the Palestine Archaeological Museum. The clocks really have gone back now. Apparently, although those picking up rental cars are aware of this, it has escaped the notice of those dropping cars off, resulting in a packed waiting room and no cars. Eventually our car appears and we set off. The journey to Tel Tel Aviv is easy, straight down the motorway but once there, we encounter a selection of intricate motorway junctions, a rather baffling one way system and astronomical parking charges. We decide to skip Tel Aviv and proceed to the ancient port of Jaffa. It’s ... read more
Rockefeller Museum
View of Tel Aviv

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District October 7th 2017

We are in ISRAEL. Weather is warm and somewhat humid. Very nice. I won't go into some of the difficult issues we have encountered. Mostly logistical. We spent most of the day in Old Jaffa. Didn't see any whales try to sneak up and swallow us😄 Like Jonah. But Gloria was quite happy to ride a camel. He was a very docile beast 😂 Tomorrow morning we had north to Ceasarea and on up to Haifa for a few days. We landed in Athens on the way here. Looked like Yuma with an ocean. Vertical dry. Here are some images from today. As ever Lowell... read more
Tel Aviv AKA "The White City"
Tel Aviv beach

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District September 20th 2017

we just got up after a good nights sleep got in at 1130 last night to our bnb and our host waited up for us went straight to bed an showered this morning feeling ready to go and meet the others at the airport our host has already booked a taxi... read more

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Jaffa June 21st 2017

Dear Blog Readers, Today's breakfast contribution came from 'salad dressing woman' sat next to us. Once coiffed, we packed our bags for a day in Tel Aviv. First stop was filling the hire car with petrol (more expensive than back home at £1.30/litre). Amazingly, we had a sprinkling of rain on the way into the city centre! Once the car was dropped off, having tried to get another $15 out of me unsuccessfully, we got the tram to the bus station. Our attempt to get a hat-trick of modes of transport was successful as we were soon on a full bus to Tel Aviv. The traffic was pretty bad but it took just over an hour and the bus was fairly comfortable but minimal leg room for my lanky legs. We hopped on a local bus ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv February 26th 2017

Well this brief stopover certainly doesn’t feel like a pilgrimage. I am on my way to Tiberias in Galilee, but now find myself in the swanky Ultra Hotel in Tel Aviv. The interior of the hotel and the room just ooze a kind of slick vibe. This is the type of room that I would have described as “pimp” in my crazier younger days. The giant shower is right in the middle of the room. Its walls are frosted clear and if you were lying in bed you could easily make out the figure of the person in the shower. As I said it’s not quite the right kind of room for a solitary pilgrim. After finally finding my way out of the beyond confusing Tel Aviv Central bus station and getting overcharged by a sketchy ... read more
United States Embassy

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv February 22nd 2017

I booked a flight on February 22 beginning from DFW International airport to Tel Aviv, Israel that leaves at 12:35 pm and arrives in Tel Aviv at 4:25 pm on Thursday Feb 23. A total of 19 hours, 50 minutes with two stops will complete the trip. I left Belton around 7 am on the morning of February 22 to arrive at the airport a few hours early. My parents dropped me off at the airport 10:15 am. Here I am boarding my flight with The Christian Travelers Guide to the Holy Land (typical. I know!) in one hand and a latte in the other. Our first stop was in Philly and went over pretty smooth. After hours of sitting next to a man who snored extra loudly we made it to our second stop in ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv February 15th 2017

Day 6 started at 7:oo am sharp that morning as we made our way to Hakovshim Bistro for breakfast before we parted to the ancient city of Dan. We ordered schnitzel and mashed potatoes, shawarma and rice. And to make things better, their coffee was excellent. The ancient city of Dan was a two hour and ten minute drive. The city of Dan, located in upper Galilee near the Golan Heights and the border with Lebanon, was originally a Canaanite city called Laish before the Israelite tribe of Dan conquered it and changed the name. I was going over a few facts before we made it to Dan. On our way I noticed signs going to Nazareth, Tiberius and other names I remembered from the Bible. At 11:oo am we finally made it to Dan and ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv February 15th 2017

Last day on our trip in Israel came sooner than I expected. I packed all my things and prepared to check out of the Hotel. Our plan was to visit the oak of Mamre which was in Hebron. Hebron was roughly an hour and 45 minutes away. We stopped at Maganda one last time and I found myself ordering the Hummus. We hurried into the car with our backs in tow and headed to Hebron. We arrived in Hebron at 12:34 pm. In Genesis 12:14 Mamre is mentioned as the name of one of Abraham's allies, who in 14:13 is described as the Amorite, brother of Eschcol and Aner. It was different type of site to see. We snapped a few pictures while there. Genesis 18:1 mentions the Lord appearing to Abraham in this particular area. ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv February 14th 2017

Day three jumped off to a great start. As we gathered downstairs in the lobby earlier than needed we headed once again over to Maganda at around 7:30 that morning. This time around we decided to try something new and I ordered the bean soup. I wasn't sure what I was expecting but it turned out to be something entirely different but it reminded me of a Mexican soup called Menudo which made it easier to eat. After we finished we headed back to the hotel lobby. Today was the day that we were going to visit the Temple Mount. One of the most religious sites in the world was going to be seen with my own eyes. It's remarkable how these things work. The guide informed us that it would take an hour or so ... read more
close up garbanzo soup

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv February 14th 2017

Megiddo or Tel Megiddo as it was called now was Day fours agenda. We decided to skip Maganda and try Balinjera instead today. This restaurant was right outside the hotel as well but was an Ethiopian restaurant. I ordered a chicken plate and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. It was served with ingera, which was a very different kind of bread. It was 8:45 am when we departed the restaurant and were on our way Tel Megiddo. This drive, we were told, was going to be at least two hours. Tel Megiddo was located situated in northern Israel near Kibbutz Megiddo about 30 km south-east of Haifa. The ancient city-state is now known as Megiddo National Park. Megiddo is mentioned 18 times in the Old Testament which makes a landmark for religious purposes. ... read more

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