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October 7th 2014
Published: October 7th 2014
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Evening in Tel Aviv (March 2014)Evening in Tel Aviv (March 2014)Evening in Tel Aviv (March 2014)

This is how beautiful Tel Aviv can be in March (or October)
While I grew up in Sweden, I moved to Israel many years ago. I'm often asked what took me here, and it's hard to explain exactly. I usually say it's a mix between my Jewish identity, the culture and the climate. As a Jew it's pretty hard to live in Sweden if you care about traditions and Jewish life. Most of my American friends can't really understand what it's like to grow up in a country without a significant Jewish presence in society. Culturally I grew up knowing more about Christian traditions and holidays than I even did about the Jewish ones! We shouldn't even talk about the chances of finding a Jewish girlfriend in Sweden..

The climate was also one of the major reasons I wanted to move here. After all these years it still amazes me to wake up almost every day, all year round, to a blue sky and temperatures ranging from hot to pleasant (besides a few rainy and cold weeks per year on average). Growing up in Sweden means enduring the almost exact opposite- most days are cold, rainy and frankly speaking disgusting, while beautiful days come intermittently in the summer.

So my dad is coming to visit for the forth time and I'm really excited! From his point of view, while he isn't happy that I live 'abroad', he does enjoy the opportunity (or the excuse) to take a week or two off every Fall, when the climate in Sweden is simply overwhelmingly depressing, to enjoy a respite and see the sun again. He actually prefers October, since on the off chance that the weather is nice in Sweden during the summer, he doesn't want to miss out. Here he can swim in the sea, enjoy lazy days in the sunshine at coffee shops, workout on one of the beach gyms and explore the country. After having been here already three times, there are still things he hasn't seen and while he prefers spending most of his days in Tel Aviv, he did ask me for ideas on tours in Israel. We agreed that because of the holidays, we should visit Acco together when I have time off, and when I'm back at work he can go by himself on a half-day tour to Bethlehem that I found for him.

Anyways, I hope to be able to write another update on his visit in a week or so.



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