White Night, and Rebuilding. Another Day in Tel Aviv.

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July 1st 2012
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Mike's PlaceMike's PlaceMike's Place

The Bar where the attacks had taken place
A few nights ago it was White Night in Tel Aviv. For all of you that don't know, White Night is a cultural night led by the city where the entire city of Tel Aviv stays awake all night till 5AM or later that day, with a bunch of stores, stalls staying open, concerts running all night, and so on. So in true fashion of White Night, a group of us went out to the city and see the sights. First we went to Rabin Square, where ex-Israeli PM Yitzhak Rabin was assasinated in Tel Aviv and I acutually had walked there before and I didn't even know the historical significance of the square. After headed there a few of us broke off and went to the boardwalk where we ended up at a bar called "Mike's Place". Mike's Place was the site of a suicide attack a few years back where 3 lives were lost. While there, I got a chance to see the plaque dedicated to the lives lost there and a while and I had a chance to comtemplate the past. Mike's Place was the site of a very deadly suicide attack, but seeing them rebuild just gave
Close up of the PlaqueClose up of the PlaqueClose up of the Plaque

Dedicated to Ran Baron, Dominique Hass and Yanay Weiss, who lost their lives that day
me hope for the future. Terror can shake our world, but it can never destroy our hope.

Dedicated to all lives lost due to all acts of terrorism around the world.

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The Full PlaqueThe Full Plaque
The Full Plaque

The picture of the full plaque at Mike's Place. If you can see closely, the guitar has 3 strings broken. I don't know what it means for sure, but I think it has to do with the 3 lives lost that day
Rabin SquareRabin Square
Rabin Square

Rabin Square.

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