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July 12th 2015
Published: July 12th 2015
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the washing machine moved to reveal the entry
today was an emotional day mainly because of those who told us the story with such passion sorry I cant replicate it here you will have to make the trip yourself

first we went from Jerusalem on the new 6 lane highway to Telaviv and stopped at Rehovot to see the Ayalon institute

this is a kibbutz that secretly had a ammunition factory underneath, so secret that half of the 100 residents didnt know it was there and they made 2.5 million bullets over 3 years leading to independance in 1948 and another 3 million in the months after independence when it was no longer secret and worked 24hrs a day, it was the size of a tennis court and you entered under an industrial washing machine in the laundry which concealed the entrance and the noise because they offered a laundry service to the local town so that the machine was continually running. during the 3 years they had to make up numerous stories to keep the secret hidden from the British occupiers. look up on the internet,

we went to Jaffa one of the oldest cities in the world and visited the house of Simon

personal access hole
the tanner where Peter stayed (a C site ) most of the buildings around here are only 200 yrs old.

the jaffa area is very nice large open squares and views of the sea. it is right next to Tell-aviv where we had a quick lunch consisting of a coffee and then to the independence hall

this is the building where the state of Israel was proclaimed and they have set it up exactly as it was, we sat on the same chairs and listened to a guide passionately explaining the events leading up to and including may 14 1948 (very moving ) they used this very plain building an art exhibition building because they were afraid of their enemies finding the location and bombing fro the air, in fact Egypt had threatened to do just that so all the participants were not told till 3am that morning and the news delivered to each one by hand

one thing I did not know was Goldimier had gone twice to ask the king of Jordan personally not to join the war and the second time after he had proclaimed he would join the fight she dressed as an

inside the factory
Arab and went secretly but without success no wonder Ben Gurion said she was the only real man in his cabinet.

My post does not do justice to this story you have to use your imagination (hi mum)

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Esther and Ruth at Jaffa


this photo is just for Sare

view of Tel-Aviv from Jaffa

independance building

inside the independance building

house of Simon the tanner

next to Simons house

at Jaffa port

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