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April 29th 2007
Published: April 29th 2007
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Teddybear Roll!!!

Masada & The Dead Sea

The work week here in Israel starts on Sunday, but Guy had taken an extra day off to spend time with us. Early wake-ups still not being one of our favourites, so Guy had to drag us out of bed, again hehe... It was a couple of hours drive to Masada, situated at the bottom part of the Dead Sea. The story Masada tells is about fleeing Jews who captured Masada, a stronghold built on a free-standing plateau high above the Dead Sea. Around 1000 people lived here and resisted the Romans. Finally the Romans figured out a way to take over stronghold. By building a big ramp all the way up to the plateau (!). Seeing the end was near, the jews who didn't want to fall into the hands of the Romans, being raped, becoming their slaves, decided a mass suicide. They choose 10 men, who were to kill all the people, and then one of them killed the other nine, and in the end committing suicide. Something that is the worst thing you could commit as a Jew. Once the Romans made their way up, everybody was dead, except for a few kids and women who lived to tell the story. See the picture 're-living history', this shows about the way this must have went :-)

We went up by cable, cause the climb was quite a way up, and both Guy and Claudio had stomach problems after lunch in a nice little shawarma shop on the way, who even tried to ripp us off. Up there it's mostly ruin leftovers from the village, but the view is more then worth the visit. Canyons around, desert, and a very nice view on the Dead Sea.

See picture 'Shalom': the true proof that Claudio is a Israeli after all. 😉

We walked our way back down on the Snake Path for little more than half an hour. Back to the car it was already 5 'o clock, time for some dippin' in the Dead Sea! This is a really fun experience, as hard as you try, there's no way you'll be able to go down. Good stuff you can do in this place! For instance the Teddybear Roll!! (see movie) Not supposed to laugh about this, but we read about stories people with big belly's actually even died in the Dead Sea, cause they flipped over to belly down, and were not able to turn around again.. like a turtle on his back

Claudio being the fist who had experienced what it's like be with the head in the dead see, thought it was a good plan we all tried... Probably Guy is now still blind and we've all been walking around with the Dead Sea in our heads for days, hehehe, so yeah... a true Dead See experience

Back in Tel Aviv we went (of course) for Humous again. (Guy is probably the biggest Humous eater you will ever come across, and every time we have to go to another Humous place, who is supposed to be even better then the other. And after we can only finish half of our plates Guy will without a doubt be always the one who will save you here)

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6th May 2007

Teddybear-roll 4 life!
hee chick, i wish i could do that in the dead sea.... funny!!!! LOL! xjo

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