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Middle East » Israel » South District » Ein Gedi September 26th 2008

It was a swimming day today. I woke up this morning to the gruntings of Ernest doing his exercises on the balcony, knowing Ernest this wasn't Tai Chi or Yoga he was doing rather some obscure pelvic thrusts and leg raises - I didn't dare ask. After Breakfast, walked down to Ein Gedi public beach, which was a 10 min walk from the hostel. The public beach is free and has showers to boot. It seemed to me to be better than the Jordanian side of the dead sea where you had to pay 12jd for the pleasure on the Amman beach. The Sea is amazing, you can't really swim in it due to the buoyancy, you just have to lounge around in it - the beach was empty as well as it was first thing ... read more
Saskia and I at the top of Masada
Swimming in the dead sea
View from the top of Masada

Middle East » Israel » South District » Ein Gedi September 25th 2008

After a good nights sleep at Wadi Rum it was off to Israel - it was Ma'a Salaama Jordan and Shalom to Israel. I had to bid farewell to Aina and Martin who had acompanied me over the last 4/5 days and was back to solo travelling. I had to get a taxi from the bus station in Aqaba to the border crossing with Israel which is when the fun began. First of all I had to get an exit visa which was new one on me as it is an economic free zone and all visa should be wavered but anyway went in to the Jordanian office and they gavce me a stamp for my passport but I didn't have any change so they told me to get some, anyway I decided to make a ... read more
Eilat north beach
The view from my room at Ein Gedi
Room with a view

Middle East » Israel » South District » Ein Gedi September 1st 2008

South Israel Ein Gedi, Maktesh Ramon, Eilat and Sinai... read more
Dead Sea
Traffic Sign

Middle East » Israel » South District » Ein Gedi September 1st 2008

trinity and yacu enjoy a few days at the Dead Sea...... read more
ein gedi sept 2008 009
ein gedi sept 2008 011
ein gedi sept 2008 025

Middle East » Israel » South District » Ein Gedi July 9th 2008

Dead Sea - After noon Travel... read more

Middle East » Israel » South District » Ein Gedi April 2nd 2008

On to Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea and Desert... We realized that it'd be much easier to rent a car for 3 days and return it in Eliat than to take a tour to Ein Gedi and taxi to Eliat. A rental car is the way to go in Israel. Flexibility is so nice and the tours are pretty rigid. We drove down to the Dead Sea thinking that we might camp on the beach there because lodging seemed booked. When we got there (it was HOT) we tried once more at the field school and they had many rooms available. The rooms weren't much to speak of but the grounds were great. It is more of a mini nature preserve than a lodging facility. There were Ibex (small dear with long curved, ridged antlers) ... read more
Hether floats like a cork in the Dead Sea
Salt deposits at Dead Sea
Ibex in Ein Gedi

Middle East » Israel » South District » Ein Gedi September 26th 2007

Hello All, I just wanted to let everyone know I made it here safely. I am still very tired but I will hopefully adjust quickly to the time change. We are here in Ein Gedi at a nice kibbutz with views of the Dead Sea. I am very excited to be here but I miss you all and I am getting used to things. I am looking forward to starting the hikes and then getting into a routine at Ramat Rahel. Sorry this is a short entry...must go to breakfast. Hope all is well for everyone.... read more

Middle East » Israel » South District » Ein Gedi July 13th 2007

July 13th-14th, 2007 This was the best weekend of my trip. It was a ton of fun. My internship group went on another tour, this one for a whole weekend. We went to the Ein Gedi, which is the desert in the South by the Dead Sea. It was hot as all hell and full of amazing nature and history. That place is real old-school Israel. It’s even where David hid from Saul way back when. I could write about my experiences all day, but it would just get boring after a while. Check out the pics ‘cause they’ll describe things better than I could. G’day, Marcus Velelis ... read more
The Group on our Hike
Me at a Small Pool of Water

Middle East » Israel » South District » Ein Gedi December 29th 2005

Note from Jim: We haven't put up our blog from Wednesday but here are Thursday's activities from Leigh. We now know how to get comments to be seen so you can resume sending in comments! Not sure when we'll get up-to-date. But hopefully it'l be soon. Now on to Leigh and Thursday's trip to the Dead Sea Region. Didn't wake up early enough...rushed breakfast...Jim toppled his plate onto his lap and had to change pants--it bugged him for HOURS. Masada Then we took a long bus ride to Masada, a flat-topped mount next to the Dead Sea which was originally developed as a winter palace for King Herod (a Jew whom the Romans appointed King of Judea in 37 BC/BCE), but which became a Jewish stronghold against the Romans from 70-73 AD/CE. It is a phenomenal ... read more
Sam on Masada
Sam in Bedouin Tent

Middle East » Israel » South District » Ein Gedi December 2nd 2005

Since we arrived too late on Friday afternoon, the actual Ein Gedi spring was already closed for Shabbat. We looked at it from a nearby hill, though. We didn't have long because a freakish wind storm blew in and we had to grope our way back to the bus. ... read more
Let's climb it!!!

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