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July 13th 2007
Published: August 12th 2007
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July 13th-14th, 2007
This was the best weekend of my trip. It was a ton of fun. My internship group went on another tour, this one for a whole weekend. We went to the Ein Gedi, which is the desert in the South by the Dead Sea. It was hot as all hell and full of amazing nature and history. That place is real old-school Israel. It’s even where David hid from Saul way back when.
I could write about my experiences all day, but it would just get boring after a while. Check out the pics ‘cause they’ll describe things better than I could.
Marcus Velelis

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Me at a Small Pool of WaterMe at a Small Pool of Water
Me at a Small Pool of Water

Man, look how much I was sweating

My friend Nathan. He's kind of crazy

Our shoes got soaked but the water was so refreshing

Noam, our tour guide, standing in front of one of the tours waterfalls. He's a pretty hippie dude, but he was full of great info
The WaterfallThe Waterfall
The Waterfall

This waterfall wasn't the nicest of the trip, but it was definitely the highlight because we got to swim in it.
Omer, Me, and AyeletOmer, Me, and Ayelet
Omer, Me, and Ayelet

Omer is the head of social activities for the intern group, and Ayelet finds everyone their position
The Dead SeaThe Dead Sea
The Dead Sea

It looks amazing, and it's nice to say you've been in it, but it leaves you feeling dirty and your butt burning like hell
Moti and the GangMoti and the Gang
Moti and the Gang

When night came around we all got together to do what we do best: drink! The man you see here is Moti, our security guard, medic, and drinker extraordinaire.

Noah, my buddy and roommate on the trip, was exhausted before he even started drinking. He passed out in all his clothes and Moti, the drunken, armed, security guard decided that it would be best to put a shoe on his face. Noah's reaction the next morning was even funnier
Ein Gedi OasisEin Gedi Oasis
Ein Gedi Oasis

The Ein Gedi Oasis viewpoint, a 15 min walk from our hostel.
View of the Ein Gedi OasisView of the Ein Gedi Oasis
View of the Ein Gedi Oasis

Simply beautiful and full of some amazing history.

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