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October 25th 2010
Published: June 22nd 2017
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I woke up from a faint but chilling breeze hitting my exposed head. There was also a fly hanging about, but I'm not sure where he came from. We had a simple breakfast that included a hard boiled egg and some unleavened bread. Some friends we met headed back to the village (Rum) by 4x4 with our bags while we rode on camels about 7km back. The trick to riding the camel was convincing Otto walk instead of eating random scrub bushes. After the first 3km, the guide stopped walking in front and let me "drive" from the front camel. I did my best to guide my animal, but I suspect he already knew what to do.
We drove with our friends to the port town of Aqaba and dropped then off at a little beach resort near the border with Saudi Arabia.
We had McDonalds just because it was there, and dropped the car off with Avis 2 days early ( I did get then to not charge me for the last two days using my best confused tourist routine).
We took a taxi to the border with Israel and started walking. As it turns out, we needed 16dinars for an exit tax, but I only had 15.90 because I tipped the taxi driver. They rolled their eyes and let us morons through.
There is a 200 yard no mans land between the two border station wiu just the two of us, the hot sun, and a lot of asphalt to cover. At the Israeli side, a nice young woman looked us over and struck up a conversation to determine our American authenticity. All over the area were 23 year olds walking around in relaxed designer clothes carrying assault rifles. We went through approximately the same ordeal as airport security, answered a few questions about where we were going, and were on our way.
Nothing interesting happened the rest of the day. We shared a taxi with someone from the border but still got ripped off. The hostel had nice clean rooms, but they nickel and dined you to death on other things. We did laundry, yay.

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