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June 27th 2011
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Emily Egypt 167Emily Egypt 167Emily Egypt 167

We went to this beautifel beach in the ancient city of Ashkalon.
Today we went to Mini Israel. It was like going into a miniature world. Mini Israel is a model of the whole country of Israel made very little. It has little cars, trucks and people. It is the big-est model of its kind covering many acres. We all had a great time seeing all the places we had gone to, in miniature!

At ten o clock last night last Tuesday, dad drove us through the Negev desert to Eilot (about 3 hours from Be'er Sheva). We were on our way for a 24 hour trip to Cairo, Egypt!We went straight to the Taba border crossing and waited for our tour group... but nobody was showing up. Finally our tour operator came at 3 o clock am and took us to through Israeli customs. Then we had to get visas and meet a tour bus on the Egyptian side. We found our driver and the we drove all night long through the Sinai Desert and woke up in Cairo. We stopped to pick up our guide (Ali) and then drove through the city. First was the Egyptian museum where we saw hundreds of ancient Egyptian artifacts and hieroglyphics. Our tour
Abby Egypt 072Abby Egypt 072Abby Egypt 072

This guy would not leave us alone. This is from the Nature park north of Eilat.
guide told us information on all the things we were seeing. We saw King Tut's famous mask and scarab beetle amulets. We saw the statue of the Egyptian Scribe. We even saw all the treasures of King Tut's tomb. After the museum we saw the pyramids. They were huge and gorgeous they looked like they were piercing the clouds. Each one was hundreds of feet tall and weighed tons and tons. We got to go inside one of the pyramids! It was like being in an explorer movie. It was amazing to think that a whole pyramid was on top of us. Then our guide took us to see the sphinx it was more beautiful then in any picture. Its nose was chipped of just like it says in all the books, but we learned that they no longer think it was shot off by Napoleon’s troops. When excavations began, the Sphinx was buried all the way up to his head. They think that the nose just eroded. When you look at it, that seems to make sense. Then we drove back to the border crossing and crossed back into Israel. It was so crazy and exiting.
Something else that
Emily Egypt 195Emily Egypt 195Emily Egypt 195

Ruins of the city walls.
was cool was we saw a play by Bertolt Brecht called “The Caucasian Chalk Circle” It was based on the story of King Solomon with different characters and with lots of music. It was performed in Hebrew but they projected subtitles in English. The only bad part was that you had to read the subtitles very quickly. It was a great performance. The Theatre in Israel is REALLY great!

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Mini IsraelMini Israel
Mini Israel

Dad posing in front of Tel Aviv.
Mini IsraelMini Israel
Mini Israel

The western wall
Mini IsraelMini Israel
Mini Israel

Dome of the Rock
JFK MemorialJFK Memorial
JFK Memorial

We found this beautiful memorial to to John F Kennedy. It is high on a hill in Jersalem.
Emily Egypt 206Emily Egypt 206
Emily Egypt 206

We went to visit my friend Dr. Orana on her Mushav.
Dr OronaDr Orona
Dr Orona

On her Mushav

Giving the Sphinx a kiss!

28th June 2011

It is funny that I am in Athens right now, heading to Barcelona and reading about your trip from Israel to Egypt. The mini Israel sounds fascinating to look at. I never heard of it. I loved Egypt but was not able to see the inside of a pyramid on either trip. We have talked about returning. I can just imagine the stars in the night sky as you traveled across the dessert. I think that was one of the most beautiful sights in that area of the world.

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