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June 7th 2011
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Me near our apartmentMe near our apartmentMe near our apartment

My sister took this photo
The other day my family and I went to the Ben-grunion hut. It is where the first prime minister of Israel, David Ben-grunion, retired to. The prime minister of Israel is almost like the president for us. So even though he was like the Israeli version of George Washington, Ben-Grunion retired to a humble house in the middle of the desert. Wow! David Ben-Grunion's dream was to see (or make, in his case) the Negev desert bloom. Even though it has not totally happened yet, the Negev is one of the most settled desert places in the world!

A holiday where bonfires are made. Cats beware! There have been “Incidents” in the past that I am forbidden to speak of. (It has to do with cats). Lag Bo'omer is a Jewish holiday with the the Sephardic custom of lighting bonfires. (The Sephardi are Jewish people who come from the Middle East, and Spain). Now, all Israelis enjoy lighting bonfires. Any way, a big truck filled with wood comes around so people can make this HUGE fires. It is really crazy!

Also recently, we saw a wonderful production of “Hamlet” in Jerusalem by a German company! Our family, along with
ancient synagogueancient synagogueancient synagogue

We saw this on a second trip to Ein Gedi.
most of the audience, was swept away by the performers and the show even tough it was performed in German with Hebrew subtitles.

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Part of Lag Bo'omer
Vew from our balconyVew from our balcony
Vew from our balcony

Bonfires on Lag Bo'omer

This is our bakery, just down the street.
Ben-Gurion's OfficeBen-Gurion's Office
Ben-Gurion's Office

This was left just as it was when he died.
The Ben Gurion HutThe Ben Gurion Hut
The Ben Gurion Hut

This is where he lived after he retired. It is located on the Kibbutz Sde Boker.

7th June 2011

Missed You...
It has been awhile since I read a new posting on your blog. Not much to say about this one except the biography of Ben Gurion is very interesting. But I wanted to tell you that I read your story about the girl who was a spy during the Revolutionary War. Quite good. I could feel the suspense. What is good is that you could actually make a chapter book out of many similar adventures. Think about it.
8th June 2011

Questions regarding David Ben-grunion and comments about home
Emily, Hi! I was just wondering if you knew when David Ben-grunion retired and when he died. You and your family are learning so much! I wanted to let you all know that your rhododendron bush has been in beautiful bloom outside your back door here at home, but I'm sure it misses all of you (as I do). I'm really looking forward to your return. Love to all, sammie xo

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