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September 12th 2007
Published: September 12th 2007
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One of the really fun things about writing a blog is receiving comments and messages from people who read the blog. Most of the comments come from my friends, but also quite a few have come from people whom I’ve never met, people who happened upon my blog and decided to read it. That, to me, is very cool, to know that my blog is just ‘out there’ on the web and anyone, theoretically, could happen upon it.

The most bizarre reply I have received, besides some spam that is just jibberish (can you believe I receive spam comments on my blog) was from a devout follower of Daniel Sunjata. Daniel Sunjata is the actor who is starring in ‘The Bronx is Burning’ as Reggie Jackson. She wrote me a two-paragraph reply about how she once knew Daniel and how they had fallen out of touch and she had lost her phone number. She wanted me to pass on to him that she really wanted to speak to him, that she misses him so much and so does her mother. It was rather bizarre—and I would feel just as bizarre if I knew she was reading this entry. But I think she just ‘googled’ ‘The Bronx is Burning’ and came upon my blog.

Many replies from friends say something like ‘I love your blog, have fun and keep writing,’ which is great to hear. One thing I would really love, though, is to hear from someone when they don’t like something I wrote, or have a question, or want to know more........or a comment about a perspective I take on a certain thing.

So keep on writing me the hello’s—those are great to get. And if anyone ever has more to comment on, feel free. 


12th September 2007

Hi Will, how are you doing? does everything works out well so far? If your interrested on having a party in berlin on the 25th of september, its the day when christian is coming back from argentina, feel free to come. best wishes and have phun daniel
13th September 2007

life in the sun
i have not seen your blog for a long time . i like reading people”s blog, diffent life and fresh things made me excited. i know your brother ,he is very good at chinese .your blog and john blog give me an same feeling that is the life is wonderful.

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