Kfar Blum area Day 2: Birds at Agamon Hula Park

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July 13th 2020
Published: December 17th 2020
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In the morning we went to breakfast and hoped to find the mask situation improved. One change we made was to go slightly off schedule so that we might be between dining waves. That helped somewhat purely by dint of fewer diners. Unfortunately otherwise it was not much better. After the meal we complained about the situation which went against the virus mask regulations. The management promptly agreed with our point and indeed when we went back to dinner in the evening more staff were supervising. They politely admonished people to keep their masks on when not sitting and eating at their own tables. We felt much happier from then on. Before leaving breakfast we made sandwiches for our lunch; frankly this was not encouraged but we were subtle and only took a minimum of food from our breakfast plates.

Today we visited Agamon Hula Park, a site where migrating birds stop at its lovely lake. Mid-summer was not migration season of course, but there are always some birds around and the lake grounds are pretty and soothing. We drove less than 15 km south from our hotel to the entrance, where we parked and rented a golf cart.

The path around the lake is over 8 km with a one-way route. Some people walk, others ride bicycles, and we chose the electric cart for minimum effort on a leisurely ride. No private cars are allowed. We set off and paused several times to watch birds or simply enjoy a shady spot. During our ride around the lake we only saw one other family - now that is social distancing!

At one of the periodic picnic tables we stopped for lunch. We watched a protective mother with her baby birds and were very careful not to disturb them. Although they were not far from our table, we did not want to approach closer for a good photograph.

Eventually we wound our way back to the entrance where the bicycles and carts are rented and returned our golf cart. By then we noticed that several more families had arrived. Even so it was hardly a crowd considering the amount of land around the lake.

We drove back to the hotel and lounged on the patio before dinner. Mask decorum at dinner was fully under control. The food was again satisfying, with some of the same items and a good number of different dishes for variety of choice.

By the end of day we were very happy with our nature tour and overall feeling of relaxation.



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