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July 11th 2012
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Group PictureGroup PictureGroup Picture

Photo Credit: Omri Maoz
Last week we went to Jerusalem. First stop was the Holocaust Memorial. At the end of the museum memorial, we saw a room filled with books, and each book contained 100 names, and the room was FILLED with books, and a room with some soft playing music with words on the screen. I remember sitting there with Lisa and Rachel Greathouse and we listened to our information players and we just sat there solemly. Easily one of the more touching moments in my life. Later, as we exit from the museum, we were treated with a view of Greater Jerusalem, with trees and a lot of buildings, symbolic of the rubuidling of life. We later went to the Mount of Olives where we got an amazing view of a lot of the city of Jerusalem, including Temple Mount and of course, the iconic Dome of the Rock. We took an amazing group picture there and headed to the hostel for the night. The next day, bright and early, we headed to Temple Mount and were super excited to enter the checkpoint. Unfortunately, Lauren wasn't feeling too well and she couldn't head up, but Lisa stayed behind with her with the medic
End of the museumEnd of the museumEnd of the museum

Rebuilding of life
to make sure she got better. What a friend! We took a bunch of pictures on Temple Mount, but unfortunately, they wouldn't let us in the Dome of the Rock. A few minutes from there, we walked the Via Dolorosa, and went to an amazing church. Here, the supposed spot of the empty grave lay and we went to some Ethiopian churches as well, it was simply amazing. To end our day, Kerati, Dieter and I had some lunch with the professor and his family and we went to do some shopping in the bazaar. After a long day of haggling, we all boasted over 50% discounts on all the stuff we bought, and hopped on a bus to the next location!

Till then,

Conor 😊)

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In front of Dome of the Rock!In front of Dome of the Rock!
In front of Dome of the Rock!

Photo Credit: Rebecca Marquez
Me at the Western WallMe at the Western Wall
Me at the Western Wall

Photo Credit: Dieter Schellenberg
Mount of OlivesMount of Olives
Mount of Olives

Me at the Mount of Olives overlooking Temple Mount Photo Credit: Lisa Richards

7th August 2012

Jerusalem is an incredible place...
With so much to see you can visit there for a month and still you won't see everything
16th May 2013

So true, I didn't have too much time, but I tried to make the best of it. Amazing city, one of my favorites. Cheers
5th November 2012

Traveling to the old city of Jerusalem
It was quite exciting actually! i was just recently there, and we had a great experience, it was the second time i was there, so this time we skipped the holocaust memorial, we went to mount Hertzel though and to the most beautiful churches, it was pretty hard to travel by foot, and it's such a big city! i would recommand awalking tour Jerusalem
16th May 2013

Agreed, Jerusalem is definitely one of the most amazing cities I've been to. Spend about 3 days there, did mostly walking in the city. I did get a chance to go to Temple Mount/Western Wall, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Schindler's Grave, Holocaust Memorial, Tomb of David, and a few others. I'm planning to go back there again with my siblings one day. Hopefully I can spend more time there then. Cheers

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