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January 11th 2009
Published: January 11th 2009
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Bus CaptainBus CaptainBus Captain

Steve handing me the list as I start the day's duties as BUS CAPTAIN!!!

An update on photographs - still aren't able to upload to the internet, but I've now got them on a USB and will try and borrow Nigel's computer some time within the next few days to upload the better ones. Otherwise have another look at his page because he is continuously uploading them, and look at the facebook site.

So...I'm very tired. We've had a busy few days.

On Saturday we had some early morning walkies, we went to the Jewish Quarter and looked at the Old City from the Jewish perspective with our guide Amir. It wasn't anything new, Michelle and I had already done a similar tour when we first got to Israel. The only thing different was that we got to go on a tour of the archaelogical sites and saw what old Jewish houses looked like, and what parts of the 2nd Temple looked like at the time of Jesus, fascinating stuff!

That night however, we got to go to the Great Synagogue and listen to Shabbat prayers, then went for a Shabbat meal at another hotel. Very interesting experience, we enjoyed watching the young girls chat the whole way through... apparently
The Steps Jesus Walked Up!The Steps Jesus Walked Up!The Steps Jesus Walked Up!

Yad Vashem Winter Seminar 2009 on the southern steps of Herod's temple
they mostly go to pick up a husband!

Saturday morning was probably the most interesting for me, the Old City from the Christian point of view. We started off down at the Church of the Gethsemane, and picked a branch of Olive from the garden. We then went back up to the Church of the Dormition where the tomb of Mary apparently is. After that we went into the city and to the tomb of King David, then to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre which contains several stations of the cross.

The first station was where Jesus was stripped of his clothes.

The second was the rock where the crucifix was erected (and you can actually go right up to it and pray, and you put your hand down into the cabinet that protects the rock, and can touch it... which of course I did!).

Down underneath all this is the tomb of Jesus (one of the said tombs at least.. Catholics and Protestants have different beliefs here).

This was where the tour ended, and we went to the Arab Quarter to eat lunch and shop. I bought a ring and had my name

Alexis Julie and Michelle in a shop on the Cardo below the Temple Mount and Western Wall
engraved into it in Hebrew, as did Rachel (they are very funky).

For dinner we walked down to the German area and had a meal and some wine. Today (Sunday) we are back to the hard slogs, we are now being lectured about Nazi Ideology and the Third Reich, which is very heavy stuff. Tonight we get to go for a tour underneath the Western Wall which is exciting, and tomorrow we are on a trip to Tel Aviv, so until then (Wednesday), Shalom! (meaning peace, hello AND goodbye :P) xoxoxo


11th January 2009

Amazing tours of the Holy City and Shabbat
G'day Lex,Mum again! You must be in awe of the history and religious significance of these amazing places that you are visiting Imagine living this history every day.No wonder they fight so determinedly for it. The lectures sound heavy but considering their content you wouldn't be expecting any must be mind-blowing..I envy you!What a great idea to have your funky ring engraved in Hebrew.Do they make necklaces with your name written in silver or gold in Hebrew or Arabic?Jenny Edgar had Jennifer made ,when she was in Bahrain.I think it's a popular piece of jewellery in the Middle East.The workmen arrived at 8.00a.m. and began work on the timber floors this morning, so we are all camping downstairs for the next 3 or 4 days.Dad and I went to a dinner party at Doris's last night, for Christmas and New Year. It was very traditional and nice. We are all eager to read your new blogs each day, especially now that Dad and I have access to the internet. Lucky I got clever on the laptop!!! One good result from doing the horrible new reports, I suppose. Had several hot days recently.Summer's here. Billie is nursing a poor little newborn quail. It's a grey one.I think she and Jess will be shedding tears soon, unfortunately. Bun is on holidays at Michael's, due to the works at home.She doesn't like hutches and is lunging at Michael 'cos she's cross. That's about it for today. Have a great day,darl. Love you to pieces xoxoxo Mum
12th January 2009

hello my little sisters
hey Lexi , how are ya ? it sounds like you having a great time , it would have been cool to go to the christian sites . i am so jealous that you have been to them . well i have been just working and i catch up with kate last sunday . anyway talk to you soon . love you jess xoxoxoxo

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