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October 26th 2017
Published: February 12th 2018
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Yesterday Christianity - today Islam and Judaism. We started with Temple Mount, location of the Al Aqsa Mosque, where Mohammed ascended to heaven, and the Dome of the Rock. The queue was massive, and entry was complicated by the fact that the old man was carrying contraband (a tablet) but we made it in eventually. The Dome of the Rock was spectacular in the morning sun, as was the and the view across Jerusalem. But there wasn’t much else to do, as non-Muslims aren’t allowed in any of the buildings, so we descended.

At the bottom, The Western Wall, remnant of the original temple in Jerusalem. Again, we had to enter separately. The Ladies’ section was quiet and demure. It was a lot more lively the other side of the fence, where there appeared to be a Jewish version of the Conga in progress.

Time to venture further afield. We exited the old city through the Cardo Maximus, the original Roman high street, still in incredible condition for for a two thousand year old structure. On the way we met an art loving cat doing some window shopping.

We took a tram to Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, a huge site containing multiple memorials to the victims of the Holocaust. The site has a very American vibe, and the collection of Holocaust-themed exhibits ran the risk of feeling a bit like a Holocaust theme park. Having trodden on a group of children in an exhibit containing a walkway in total darkness, I decided to wait outside next to The Memorial Cave, and ponder how, when 6 million people had died, the best idea you could come up with was a rock with 6,000,000 written on it.

Back through town for more hummus, and that was the end of day 3. On the walk back to the hotel we were serenaded by a piano playing soldier. Only in Israel…

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