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Middle East » Israel » Haifa District » Haifa April 9th 2019

we left haifa, israel yesterday evening and today we are cruising the mediterranean sea on our way to cadiz, spain. i am writing this blog from my cabin and the sea is quite choppy so hopefully i will get through it before feeling the effects of the white caps. we will be 4 days at sea now arriving in cadiz on the 13th. thank you to my arcadia friend vera from vancouver! i knew i could rely on her expertise to know what type of birds they were in my last blog. they are called northern gannets. a very stream lined bird that use their power to plunge dive for fish. i did see a few diving into the sea. after leaving muscat, oman we were 5 days at sea before reaching port suez, the start ... read more
oil rig in red sea
entering suez canal

Middle East » Israel » Haifa District December 30th 2018

E' difficile viaggiare per Israele e Palestina senza imbattersi in qualche luogo che non sia venerato da una delle tre grandi religioni monoteiste: qui una citta' santa, la' una montagna sacra, poi i resti di un antico tempio o la vecchia abitazione di un famoso profeta; oserei dire che tutto qui, a parte Tel Aviv, abbia qualcosa a che fare con la religione. Colto da un improvviso attacco di ateismo militante mi dirigo speranzoso verso Nord, ad Haifa, citta' portuale piuttosto moderna e dalla profonda anima operaia (situata comunque alle pendici del sacro Monte Carmelo ed in prossimita' della grotta del biblico profeta Elia...) alla ricerca di una boccata di aria fresca e di qualcosa di diverso in grado di risvegliarmi l'attenzione ormai consumata dall' immane mole di storia calpestata dai miei piedi in questi ultimi ... read more
Haifa: i giardini baha'i
Akko: le mura sul mare
Galilea: la terra di Cristo

Middle East » Israel » Haifa District »  Caesaria April 27th 2018

Last day of the tour and we start off at 8am for the short walk to the Church of Annunciation which has mosaics contributed by many countries around the world including Australia which has it’s contribution inside the church. The church is built over a Byzantine era then crusader era church which in turn houses the remains of what is believed to be the house of the Virgin Mary and the location of the Annunciation by angel Gabriel that she would give birth to the son of God. Then walked down to our waiting bus (another van had taken our luggage down) and we headed off to Haifa on the Mediterranean coast to look at the Bahai Gardens that go up Mount Carmel and then a drive to the top where we had a great view ... read more
Church of The Annunciation
Church of The Annunciation
Church of The Annunciation

Middle East » Israel » Haifa District April 16th 2018

Yesterday was a day full of adventures! Sunday is the first workday of the week for Israelis, so streets were full and there was traffic, but mostly heading in the other direction. Driving north to Akko in our still beeping bus took about an hour, but it was absolutely worth it. The Crusaders came here, knowing this city as Acre. Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, Akko has two parts, above and below ground. The Old City of Akko is a well preserved Crusader city, still being unearthed and brought back to life; it is directly under the bustling city above. We walked through narrow tunnels, bending over quite a bit in parts, but never having to crawl on hands and knees, to secretly pass from one side of the city to the other, linking the invincible ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Haifa District » Haifa October 30th 2017

On this morning’s itinerary is Caesarea, Herod’s port. The whole ancient town is now a National Park. In some places, such as the amphitheatre, the arichitecture is incredibly well preserved. In others, bits of statue and remnants of marble columns are sprawled around like a huge Roman jigsaw puzzle. Today’s ultimate desination is Haifa, a port city at the foot of Mount Carmel. Our hotel has overbooked and passed our reservation to the Templers Boutique Hotel. Their error is our gain as the hotel is immaculate, beautifully renovated and includes some very quirky toilets. The main attraction in Haifa is The Baha’i Gardens; 19 immaculate terraced gardens cascading down the mountain side. Our hotel is just metres from the bottom of the gardens. We try to enter, but are told the entrance is one level further ... read more
Caesarea (2)
Templers Boutique

Middle East » Israel » Haifa District » Haifa October 9th 2017

Hello blog readers, We woke up to rain but it let up so that we could go to a few places in Haifa. We went to the Stella Maris Monastery where Elijah's cave is under the alter in the church. I's on top of Mt Carmel. Also we saw the Baha'I Gardens. Had lunch in the German Colony. Survived the traffic to get back to where we are staying. Tomorrow we leave for Lake Galilee for 6 days. We will visit a Druz village on the way and go to Megiddo to see where Armageddon will happen. Be glad to leave Haifa as driving here is very stressful. Half of all Israeli cars have dents or scratches Here are some images from today thanks for looking Lowell .... read more
Baha'I Gardens

Middle East » Israel » Haifa District September 27th 2017

after breakfast this morning we went out to the gardens of yad hashmona and sat in the open synagogue while pete explained to us the significance of kirjath jeerum mainly that the ark came here after beth-shemesh the people of beth-shemesh had recieved the ark with joy and gladness when the philistines sent it there on a cart but they looked inside the ark and thousands died so they sent to the men of kirjath-jerum to come and get it where it stayed for about 20 years until David took it to jerusalem. we left this area and headed out to our next destination Tiberius on Gallilee and on the way we stopped at beth shemesh and saw the valley where the ark was sent from the philistines in gath then heading towards Gath we passed ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Haifa District » Haifa June 20th 2016

I am sitting on the porch of the Cafein in the upscale community of Haifa in Israel known as Horev It is named after the mount where Moses received the ten commandments. In this area there is a small canyon or mall, several cafes and middle class homes. This community has a mixed population of Jewish, Christian and Muslims. I am eating Moussaka, drinking Arak a local variation of Greek Ouzo, and watching the pedestrians pass by which is my favorite afternoon pleasure except for the Shabat or Sabbath of course. I can see the namal or port where many of the workers trace their roots back for centuries to Salonika. There is a lot of news currently about the changing relations between Israel and Greece, including the tripartite agreement between Israel, Greece and Cyprus. I ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Haifa District »  Caesaria February 19th 2016

Today was the day we left The Angel Hotel in Bethlehem to go to the northern part of Israel to Caesarea on the Mediterranean Sea. This was one of Herod's biggest projects, but its importance in Christianity is that it was where the first Gentile, Cornelius, was baptized by Peter. This is considered the start of Christianity. Paul also spent time there and was imprisoned there for two years. It is interesting to look along the shore there because fragments of pottery come in with the tide along with the sea shells. This is ancient pottery pieces from when Caesarea was destroyed. When we left there our bus broke down I believe it was a fuel line. We all got off the bus and made the best of it. We probably lost an hour or more ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Haifa District » Hadar HaCarmel January 13th 2016

Today we went on a Tour Guide led drive of the Carmel region near Haifa Israel. The tour included a trip to a Druze village. The last time I (Lesley) went to a Druze village was in 1976 - but I am jumping ahead. Ten of us met with our tour guide Rina Yellin outside a school in Ra’anana. Rina did a bit of to-ing and fro-ing to ensure all 3 cars understood the directions she had prepared, and we finally set off just after 10am. Not bad considering that we were scheduled to start at 10am. However, me being me, we had barely got past Netanya (a mere 20 minutes away) when nature called and we had to make a comfort stop. As I was driving Rina in our car, I was quite pleased that ... read more
We are enjoying a great Israeli day outing
Jezreel Valley
Elijah the Prophet in the garden of the Carmelite Monastery

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