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Middle East » Israel » Haifa District » Haifa October 29th 2019

Heräsin jo klo 5.30. Join aamukahvin eri paikassa kuin aiemmin, siellä sai suhteellisen edullisesti täytetyn sämpylän. Vaki-kosher-leipomosta ostin pullan kämpille. Löysin Israelin rautateiden sivuilta 40 shekelin päivälipun, johon sisältyi menopaluu junamatka Haifaan ja paikallisliikenne siellä ja Tel Avivissa. Sain ladattua sen lipun Rav-kav-kortilleni lähikioskissa. Kerkesin juuri klo 9.47 lähtevään junaan, ja aika pian pääsin vaihtamaan ikkunapaikalle. Tel Avivin pohjoisosassa satoi vettä, mutta loppupäivä menikin sitten poutaisissa merkeissä. Asemalta matkustin yhden pysäkinvälin pikabussilla. Hetken kesti löytää 'metron' pääteasema. Täkäläinen metro on oikeastaan rinteen sisään rakennettu köysirata: 12 minuutissa se ajoi kuuden pysäkin matkan ylös. Kävin päätepysäkin lähellä kahvilla. Tarjoilijapoika osasi suomea: 'Kuollutmeri', 'kuiva iho', 'mitä kuuluu?' - oli ollut töissä Ku... read more

Middle East » Israel » Haifa District » Haifa April 9th 2019

we left haifa, israel yesterday evening and today we are cruising the mediterranean sea on our way to cadiz, spain. i am writing this blog from my cabin and the sea is quite choppy so hopefully i will get through it before feeling the effects of the white caps. we will be 4 days at sea now arriving in cadiz on the 13th. thank you to my arcadia friend vera from vancouver! i knew i could rely on her expertise to know what type of birds they were in my last blog. they are called northern gannets. a very stream lined bird that use their power to plunge dive for fish. i did see a few diving into the sea. after leaving muscat, oman we were 5 days at sea before reaching port suez, the start ... read more
oil rig in red sea
entering suez canal

Middle East » Israel » Haifa District » Haifa October 30th 2017

On this morning’s itinerary is Caesarea, Herod’s port. The whole ancient town is now a National Park. In some places, such as the amphitheatre, the arichitecture is incredibly well preserved. In others, bits of statue and remnants of marble columns are sprawled around like a huge Roman jigsaw puzzle. Today’s ultimate desination is Haifa, a port city at the foot of Mount Carmel. Our hotel has overbooked and passed our reservation to the Templers Boutique Hotel. Their error is our gain as the hotel is immaculate, beautifully renovated and includes some very quirky toilets. The main attraction in Haifa is The Baha’i Gardens; 19 immaculate terraced gardens cascading down the mountain side. Our hotel is just metres from the bottom of the gardens. We try to enter, but are told the entrance is one level further ... read more
Caesarea (2)
Templers Boutique

Middle East » Israel » Haifa District » Haifa October 9th 2017

Hello blog readers, We woke up to rain but it let up so that we could go to a few places in Haifa. We went to the Stella Maris Monastery where Elijah's cave is under the alter in the church. I's on top of Mt Carmel. Also we saw the Baha'I Gardens. Had lunch in the German Colony. Survived the traffic to get back to where we are staying. Tomorrow we leave for Lake Galilee for 6 days. We will visit a Druz village on the way and go to Megiddo to see where Armageddon will happen. Be glad to leave Haifa as driving here is very stressful. Half of all Israeli cars have dents or scratches Here are some images from today thanks for looking Lowell .... read more
Baha'I Gardens

Middle East » Israel » Haifa District » Haifa June 20th 2016

I am sitting on the porch of the Cafein in the upscale community of Haifa in Israel known as Horev It is named after the mount where Moses received the ten commandments. In this area there is a small canyon or mall, several cafes and middle class homes. This community has a mixed population of Jewish, Christian and Muslims. I am eating Moussaka, drinking Arak a local variation of Greek Ouzo, and watching the pedestrians pass by which is my favorite afternoon pleasure except for the Shabat or Sabbath of course. I can see the namal or port where many of the workers trace their roots back for centuries to Salonika. There is a lot of news currently about the changing relations between Israel and Greece, including the tripartite agreement between Israel, Greece and Cyprus. I ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Haifa District » Haifa December 14th 2015

Hi all, Well it's Christmas time here in Israel. Although most people here aren't Christian, they still hold a big celebration in the German colony by the Bahai Gardens downtown. It's a festival for the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim holidays during December, and everyone comes together to celebrate. They have food stands and stores selling holiday souvenirs, and they decorated the entire area with lights and ornaments. It's absolutely beautiful there. I went with Laura and our friend Ryan on Friday and again on Sunday with Laura. We walked around the streets and had drinks in the restaurants there. On Friday, it was very crisp and refreshing outside, but it started raining on Sunday while we were there so it was really cold. We had a terrific time. I tried to take some pictures there at ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Haifa District » Haifa December 14th 2015

Now that it's almost time for my trip to end, I want to look back and assess everything that I learned and experienced here. Before going to Israel, I had no idea what to expect. I had never been there before, and I wasn't even sure how to prepare for the journey. Once I got my acceptance letter to the University of Haifa for the Hebrew Ulpan and fall semester, I began thinking, "How am I going to do this?" I had so many questions running through my head like, "What kinds of things do they sell there? How will the campus be? and Will everyone be nice?" I had no idea what to expect. I was grateful for my dad coming with me the first time to help settle me in and carry my luggage ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Haifa District » Haifa December 6th 2015

I was sitting in a coffee shop and having a cider with my friend Laura the other day when we both realized that it was already December! We only have one month left here. It's so weird to think about. I have no idea how time flew by so quickly. Now that I am just starting to get in the groove of living in Israel, I am already going to have to leave soon. We were so sad to think about saying goodbye to each other and our other friends here. How strange to think that we won't be able to see each other for a long time after the semester is over. I didn't realize how late it was, which then started me thinking about all of the other things I need to do. Finals ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Haifa District » Haifa November 25th 2015

Hi all! I had an amazing experience in Nazareth last week with my friend Laura, her mom, and her grandma. We took the bus to the old city in Nazareth early in the morning and toured it for the day. We got to see the Basilica of the Annunciation, the Church of Saint Joseph, the ancient village of Nazareth, the market place, and a Greek Orthodox church. We had such a good time there. Nazareth is a beautiful town. There are tons of trees and hills. The buildings there look old, but that's what makes it such an interesting looking place. The churches were incredible. The amount of detail that goes into pretty much everything in them is amazing. I took as many pictures of them as I could, and I will post more on Facebook. ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Haifa District » Haifa November 1st 2015

Hi everyone! Everything is well in Haifa, and I think that the violence is starting to quiet down as well. I haven't heard anything else on the news about it so far. So hopefully that means that we'll be allowed to travel now :). School's starting to get busy, and it's hard to believe but midterm exams are almost here! So far the classes are really interesting, and I'm enjoying them very much. The weather here has been beautiful! It's in the 70s-60s, and it rains almost every day. It's absolutely perfect. One day it was so foggy that I couldn't even see more than 5 feet in front of me! It almost reminds me a bit of San Diego. And Aunt Tippi- I went to the beach at night with one of my friends this ... read more

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