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Middle East » Israel » Center District » Rehovot June 21st 2015

It's getting real! After months of planning, research, oragnizing, packing we are finally going! Toronto - Niagra - Syracuse - Adirondacks - Quebec - Montreal - Ottawa - 1000 islands - Calgary - Rockies - Seattle - Anchorage - Seward - Whittier - Valdez - Kennicott - Denali - Vancouver - Toronto - Israel Whew! Gonna be one helluva trip!... read more

Middle East » Israel » Center District » Rehovot June 16th 2015

This is just a test entry.... read more

Middle East » Israel » Center District » Rehovot May 24th 2012

On Tuesday (May 22nd) we took off for a 3-day excursion through the Shephelah, Coastal Plain (S of Tel Aviv), and the deserts of the Negev. Our first stop took us far and away from our home base of Jerusalem westward, bumping over valleys and over bridges on the modern roads which now scream past the ancient trade routes and fortresses. We eventually turned off at a small industrial complex, and the large tour bus (freight liner?) began slowly winding on a small gravel road past wheat fields and vineyards. If our tour guide had been any but the fearless and atrociously knowledgable Brian of Fresno Pacific Uni, we probably would have been slightly more suspicious ending up where we did! Our driver's efforts were soon rewarded, however, as we disembarked at the base of Khirbet ... read more
Columnbarium at Mareshah
Olive Press at Mareshah
Sidonian Patriarchial Tomb, Mareshah

Middle East » Israel » Center District » Rehovot March 31st 2009

So my time has come, its the end of my three months in my Partnership city Rehovot. It is pretty sad but I think it was the perfect amount of time. I got to say goodbye to the babies in the gan I work in as well as the second graders at the afterschool program and as well as the special needs teens that I saw twice a week. It was my second shabbat in Rehovot, just how times played out I was traveling all the time this track which was nice (tiring though). We got our last shabbat sponsered by Birthright where you can invite up to 16 people if you register in advance and get 100 shekel per person. It was a lot of fun, we had a the six girls from rehovot (some ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Center District » Rehovot February 12th 2009

So today tali took us to the Blind Museum. She used to work there and wanted us to have the experience of going to a Museum which is completely in the dark and the tour guide it either blind or seeing impaired. So we get to the Museum and they tell us you can not bring any bags in with you and also if you wear glasses you can no wear them. Someone from NY started to freak but since my prescription is not that strong I felt comfortable to walk around without my glasses. We were given a walking stick and had to make out way through all the exhibits without falling and talking and communicating with everyone that was in the room with us. Also we had to use the walking stick to guide ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Center District » Rehovot January 4th 2009

Part two is finally beginning. I was extremely ready to move here from Beer Sheva and to see what is too come. We moved here Jan 4th and had a week of touring our different volunteer places. My schedule got switched a bunch of times, and this is the final version. I am working in a kindergarten and a couple matnasim. In the afternoon in one I work with an after school program for kids with special needs, and then the evening with at risk teens. The other night that I work is an evening program for kids with special needs and then lastly I work at an after school program called a tzharon for kids to have a place to go when the finish school at 1230. I started volunteering the first week and it ... read more
flowers 2

Middle East » Israel » Center District » Rehovot January 2nd 2007

David here. Rabbi Hachen does not know that I am doing this but I ended up with such great pictures I had to post them. Our last day had some of the worst rain of the week. Fortunately, our stops were inside. Our first stop was our Tzedakah project. It was at a Jaffa Institute food warehouse in Tel Aviv where we packed packages for distribution. We did it with Harvard, Princeton and Yale kids from the Birthright tour. It was nice to interact with them but I loved watching Rachel look up to them. She even asked Nina and I about her going on a Birthright trip. Nina mentioned that she was happy to see Rachel listen intently as one of the Institute's leaders (a former Bronx native) tell us what the Institute accomplishes on ... read more
Sarah and Barbara Paster with Boxes at the Tzedakah Project
Ammunition Equipment at the Ayalon Institute
Rabbi Hachen, Barbara and Sarah Paster at Beit Gevurin dig

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