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August 20th 2009
Published: August 20th 2009
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I'm not sure if I'll have access to this site when I get to my final destination, but if I do and am able to blog, I will be publishing the blogs as private so you'll need to sign in with a password to see them. I have to send out an invite for people to access my private blogs. I've actually sent them out a long time ago (Jan 13) and the system shows them as waiting, but I'm not exactly sure how you'd access that. If you want access to my private blogs, send me an email (or a message on here) and I'll add you to the list.


20th August 2009

I got it so far. woohoo!
20th August 2009

I want access
Hey Nic, Hope you're well. Wish you luck, Keep you in my prayers. If you can, would like to hear about your experience while you're over there. Be safe Paula
20th August 2009

send me access to your private blogs.
20th August 2009

add me to the list. I assume I get an email notification when you write like the regular public blog. Looking forward to hearing from you. Everything is fine here. Dream is adjusting to city life. Still worries about the dark.
20th August 2009

Enjoy Iraq
I'm currently deployed as well to Qatar, but fly into Iraq and Afghanistan regularily for Air Evac missions. Hope you enjoy it out there - I'm having a blast.
20th August 2009

Yes, please
Add me to the list, please. I wanna know what you're up to over there so I can worry that much more while you're gone. :)
20th August 2009

whoooooooooa nelly
20th August 2009

Don't go!
Definetly include me in on you blog! And, please be safe! If you get sad, think of the rolling green hills of Ireland!
21st August 2009

I want access to your deployment blog. Sounds like you're doing well so far.
21st August 2009

Go get em cuz!
21st August 2009

Access to private blogs
Nic, Please add me to your private blog as I would like to make sure we stay in contact. We are praying for you to stay safe. Cousins Mad, Philip and Philip
22nd August 2009

Sign me up!!
22nd August 2009

Private blog
I think I'm in already, but in case I'm not, be sure to add me! Love you tons!
24th August 2009

Yes :)
Definitely hon :)...I want to hear about how you are donig!
26th August 2009

add me!
add me! I wanna hear all about it!
27th August 2009

I think we should chat at some point. When is all this happenning??
29th August 2009

Hi,Honey I thought I was already on the list.Please add me if not.Its great to stay in touch.Love Always Uncle "Chuck"
2nd September 2009

I'm on my way to Iraq
I'm on my way over to Iraq soon and I'd like to see your deployment blog.
5th September 2009

hit me up with the deployment blog! stay safe xoxo
16th September 2009

Add me to your private blogs......My prayers are with you. Love Ya, Marie
26th September 2009

Great blog!! If you like, come back and visit mine: albumdeestampillas blogspot com Thanks, Pablo from Argentina
9th October 2009

War is Hell, Nicole
War is hell for some people. The rest of us just have to read about it: No Diet Root beer, occasionally no Vanilla Ice Cream for your Cherry Cobbler, do-it-yourself pedicures (Is nothing sacred?), substitute instructors at Abs Class, no certified Massage Therapists to help you recover from marathon training...the list of the horrors on this base could go on and on... but I promise I won't tell anyone how rough you have it. -- I'd hate to have them worrying about you.
10th October 2009

I stand at the door and knock
I think I have a login now for your blog, so consider this a request knock to read about your adventures in Iraq. Shave-and-a-haircut...Six-bits.

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