A summary of my first deployment

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January 28th 2010
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INTRODUCTION: A little after-the-fact... I didn't even realize that I still had this blog unpublished. I've thrown in the last of my pictures to highlight my time in Iraq (/Bahrain/Kuwait/Qatar). I plan to make my other deployment blogs public (as opposed to the private status they're in now) as soon as I comb them over and make sure there's nothing compromising in them. I also hope to blog t... Read Full Entry

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Xmas DolphinsXmas Dolphins
Xmas Dolphins

Yes, they were part of the Nativity apparently. Matt under the Xmas dolphins.
A Green IraqA Green Iraq
A Green Iraq

So right before EVERYONE LEAVES, after occupying the base for 7 years, they finally got recycling. How forward thinking. Yet we still have all disposable dinnerware in the DFAC. Fail. That's my little bus stop outside MALS -- I've had to sit there a few times waiting for a ride (thankfully not many!)
Can FireCan Fire
Can Fire

They were surprisingly combustible! No asbestos there... Thank God it wasn't mine! No people were hurt in the making of this fire.

A random picture from the base. These were from earlier times, when an alarm would sound for "incoming" and you'd run to hide under these from mortar rounds. They haven't been used in a while!
They missed?They missed?
They missed?

I hope this was just for show, but who knows...
Dust StormDust Storm
Dust Storm

A dust storm's a brewin!
Dust storms are for the birds!Dust storms are for the birds!
Dust storms are for the birds!

This felt like an Alfred Hitchcock movie. The middle of a dust storm and all these crow-like birds come flying by in a flock. Creepy.
Dust Storm!Dust Storm!
Dust Storm!

We only had a couple while I was there, but this was the last one I got to partake in.
My little buddyMy little buddy
My little buddy

Sitting in the lot after being turned in. I was driving around on base in another car and saw it. It felt like I was looking at an ex-boyfriend while with my new boyfriend. I kinda missed it even though it was a little POS haha
Move out dayMove out day
Move out day

This was it! I had finally cleaned out my room, mailed a bunch of stuff home (A LOT of stuff home!), gave some stuff away, and packed the rest into my bags! Cleaned out and ready to go!
Move out dayMove out day
Move out day

So empty. :( It was a great little home for 5 months!! Thanks to everyone for helping me make it a home away from home!!
Passed onPassed on
Passed on

So much stuff from my room and medical passed on to Bridget. Looking around her medical area, it's like a game from that Highlights magazine where you have to circle all the hidden items!
Bridget's mac daddy roomBridget's mac daddy room
Bridget's mac daddy room

Too bad she's not looking at the camera! haha

Just for good measure because it still makes me laugh :) I'm pretty sure I've posted him before, but this is Halloween Mr Potato Head while he's cruising around Al Asad (yes, he's driving)

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