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Middle East » Iraq » North » As Sulaymaniyah February 20th 2013

“If you go to Kirkuk, you will be shot,” came the glum assessment from any Kurdish man who spoke about the infamous city a mere one hundred kilometres south of Erbil. If English was not spoken, then the responder would instead clench their hand in the shape of a gun and pretended to fire imaginary rounds into my chest. The message could not be clearer. Not that I ever intended to visit Kirkuk, but my journey to the cultural centre of the Kurdish Region of Iraq, Sulamaniyah, had two routes. The shorter and more direct path skirts the edge of Kirkuk, a journey dissuaded by all nowadays, whereas the longer and more scenic mountain route was unanimously favoured. To avoid being within shooting range from Kirkuk, I travelled to Koya by bus, prior to changing to ... read more
Corridor within Amna Suraka - Sulamaniyah, Kurdish Region of Iraq
Proud father and son - Dukan, Kurdish Region of Iraq
Smart looking boys at Amna Suraka - Sulamaniyah, Kurdish Region of Iraq

Middle East » Iraq » North » As Sulaymaniyah October 15th 2010

10,000 dinars we paid for the 2 hour trip,from Erbil to Koya, 3 checkpoints again and very thorough, we waited a long time on the 2nd one and the 3rd one we have to come to the office, but all is well, scenery is same, dry barren landscapes with a trickle of trees, dramatic colors though and we ascend some mountains and come down a few valleys. in Koya the taxi driver dropped us off some intersection and told us to walk the rest of the way to the taxi stand for Sulaimaniyah and we suspect because we refuse to take him om his offer to drive us all the way for an inflated price. We asked for directions from many people, shop owner, street cleaning guy and finally some soldiers on the street, who pointed ... read more

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