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July 29th 2015
Published: November 10th 2017
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Geo: 33.5959, 56.9244

We only stayed in Yazd for the one night because we neededto get to Mashhad to collect our Turkmen Visa with plenty of time just in case it is not given… yep we may not get it..any we are 2 days short on our Iran Visa… hummm

So anyway we headed north towards Tabas and into the desert.. We steadily climbed up to 2500mtrs again and the temp also started to rise..then we started to descend in to the low desert and the temp went up to the mid 40's.. then the low 50's… at one stage it was 57 degrees freaken hell it was hot… well hot outside anyway…. Yep we had the AC turned on and the in cabin temp varied between 23 and 26 degrees…. How tough are we… maybe not tough but smart ya mad dutchies… we had previously met a Dutch chap who only had windows for cooling they would have cooked silly buggers. Regardless stopping to pee was an experience

Anyway we stopped just after Tabas near an irrigation channel and camped the night, it was still 37 degrees at 9:00pm and then the mosquitoes came out… what the… where the hell do they live
Ancient mud brick villiageAncient mud brick villiageAncient mud brick villiage

just stumbled on this one
during the after a quick shower we went to bed where it seemed like we were still in an oven.. the breeze was blistering..

Awoke and it was still in the 30's… packed up quickly before the sun cracked over the mountains in full fury and on the road.

Strange day today… we got stopped for 4 police checks..well more like detained. The first one we were off the road having a cuppa and they drove across the paddock to check us out. Ended in us being escorted into the next village to have our passports photocopied. Each time they wanted Passports, the mood did seem to lighten once they became aware we were Australians… silly brits and Americans can only travel in an arranged tour with a guide… something to do with the attempted over throw of the current rulers…The Iranians do have a bit of a mistrust of the West spying in their country and I think two Foreigners touring in the backblocks of Iran is definitely suspicious so we do appreciate their need to scrupulously check all our documents, and search the vehicle although it has made our easy drive a long day. We have spent far too long in Police Stations to get to Mashhad so bush camp again.

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Check out the outside tempCheck out the outside temp
Check out the outside temp

Ignore the inside temp ... we are real adventurers ... not, aircond working very hard today
Bush Camp, TabasBush Camp, Tabas
Bush Camp, Tabas

Washing dries very quickly here
Village GoatVillage Goat
Village Goat

This herd created quite the dust storm on their way to the village drinking trough
Can We take your pictureCan We take your picture
Can We take your picture

Lisa is popular with the ladies, trouble is only about 50 deg with roaring hot wind. She is laughing as she has never been so hot

Easily identified once we learnt they generally have a verandah for people to shade whilst bread comes out the oven.
Hmm crispyHmm crispy
Hmm crispy

The bread is more like a large dorito without the flavour
Whirlys are commonWhirlys are common
Whirlys are common

Dust storms sadly also

21st August 2015


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