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October 8th 2014
Published: October 10th 2014
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Map update.Map update.Map update.

Route though Pakistan along North west border. Quetta to border. Zaheedan to Ban, hot desert. Then Kerman, Yazd, back south to Shiraz. Turn north for home, Eshafan and Tehran (blue dot). Jolly into Turkey is little concerning, border situation to south.
Shiraz is a centre of Persian culture and literature, we visited two poets tombs, very impressive gardens and buildings for both, Saadi is major Persian poet from middle ages, his writtings still relavent today 700 years later.

Persoplolis is archeological site some 2500 years old in time of Persian empire of Darius, I, II & III. They built a huge terrace, with 3..4 palaces much of which remains. How much manpower to fetch stone from many miles away, then erect it into a100 coloumns for a big reception room, murials depict parties bearing gifts from 28 nations in Persian empire. Cuneiform is text engravings on stones lasts 2500years to this day, any of my program code written into machines has a working life of maybe 20 years.

Drive from Shiraz to Eshafan 380km, fill up with 29ltr fuel for 12$ - that is the expensive 'super' petrol (cheapest fuel in world), just as long 91ron or above will be fine. One local said they have enough gas for 300 years! I wonder if rest of wor!d will let them keep it, in years to come when other wells run dry?

Eshafan is
Long roads, 450km to ShirazLong roads, 450km to ShirazLong roads, 450km to Shiraz

Raid quality is very good, no sand on rads. Traffic in towns is very pushy, no animals on roads is good. Red traffic lights, don't apply to motorbikes & some cars. Push down right, and U turn across 3 lanes waiting traffic is OK!
Iran's 2nd city, was once the capitol and the largest city in world during middle ages, still today has massive central square, with much to see. 2 mosques, a Shah's palace & two bridges. The bridges were quite interesting as the river was bone dry, with dam upstream closed for 6mths, so my photos lack water. Think they have made right choice of irrigation over nice ricer view for 2 extra months. Even so this is a very dry year, quite a few fountains in city are dry too, but folliage all looks very green. Did consider a ride up river bed 30km to find the dam, but guide thinks is 400km, either way not allowed.

Big central square 800x300m with two rings of covered halls surround the square with additiona offshoots, my estimate is 5..6km of shopping! Perhaps I would prefer bit of a run off up mountains investigating some river source, with bit wheel spin activities, not to be had, my guide is very specific UK and US visitors must stay with their guides, certainly I've met no other Brits in Iran or Pakistan.

In a far away and strange land, it
Tourist busTourist busTourist bus

Road passes Cavanisti fort. Many Germans, Russians & Chinese tourists.
is a bit comforting to hear a church bell ring, then be able to visit a church with all normal symbols, not that I am very religious - just felt comforted. The Armenia sector in Eshafan is Christian, they have a church and history (but that draws me back to holoquast and Europe's problems), tbey might also drink wine in their homes - but I never saw any.

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Saadi mauselumSaadi mauselum
Saadi mauselum

Nice place to remember a poet for 700 years.
Saadi's work, on wall in his toombSaadi's work, on wall in his toomb
Saadi's work, on wall in his toomb

Poets work often last many lifetimes. Unlike modern times, a programmers code superceeded in but a few years. Last year's computer game was what?
Fish pondFish pond
Fish pond

Pond bit dark underground, but quite popular. See typical scarves & battle fatigues.
Hafiz mausoleum.Hafiz mausoleum.
Hafiz mausoleum.

Try for dark side of this PIC.
Bizzar stall, one of 2000 in Shiraz alone.Bizzar stall, one of 2000 in Shiraz alone.
Bizzar stall, one of 2000 in Shiraz alone.

If 5km of shops each 5m wide, 2 sides to bizzar.
Search for supperSearch for supper
Search for supper

Ice cream:- vanilla well really lots needle like ice crystals. Chocolate flavour very string'y with egg? Lolly on stick hard to find, but worth the effort.
Persoopolis, Gate of all NationsPersoopolis, Gate of all Nations
Persoopolis, Gate of all Nations

One of many structures on this site.
Persoopolis 100 column hallPersoopolis 100 column hall
Persoopolis 100 column hall

What effort to fetch stone, carve it, & raise vertical. But a tall hall is a good natural cooling system. But if like Darius I - with infinite resources, I'll have two ! Basically a nice residence and banquet hall. Tony only had one millenium dome, a good thing?
Tombs of Persian kings.Tombs of Persian kings.
Tombs of Persian kings.

Visible from 3km. Obviously vandalised by Arab invasions. Carvings have lasted well, continue to tell a story.
Restaurant AC systemRestaurant AC system
Restaurant AC system

Water sprays cools area, nice for European tourists.
Bizaar is just very long.Bizaar is just very long.
Bizaar is just very long.

U won't find popular brand names. Maybe in Tehran - U can buy anything there!
spice shop, one of 40?spice shop, one of 40?
spice shop, one of 40?

Dried Mango or brazil nuts are nice to carry for nibble, Not found in here.
Eshafan bridge, one has 32 arches.Eshafan bridge, one has 32 arches.
Eshafan bridge, one has 32 arches.

Liked photo of pedal boats with no water, rethink the business plan!
Armenian church in EshafanArmenian church in Eshafan
Armenian church in Eshafan

Church bell, different to call of an Imam. Symbol of a cross too. But high wall surround complex was not so good.

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