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September 9th 2016
Published: September 9th 2016
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TAKESTAN to ZANJAN 9 September, 2016. Stage 94
143.23 Kms SubT. Kms 2036.40 kms . Road Condition: okWeather: BLUE SKY MILD 28c Time in Saddle: 6:00:58 Av Speed: av. 23.8 kph. Av Cadence. 70 RpmElevation: 500 m up; 150 m downCalories burned : > 5500

Today was another clear sky, thankfully the wind subsided from its fierceness yesterday afternoon, although prior to lunch rode in a peloton of three to conserve energy in the 20 knot headwind. After lunch we changed direction and the wind subsided and we virtually had little or no wind, which made the cycling more enjoyable.

Made a deviation on route to view a construction built or commissioned by Genghis Khan in the 13-14th century. Whilst he was a bloodthirsty marauder, he did build some amazing construction, interesting to think that he travelled with architects and builders! He also supposedly had over 1000 female partners and his DNA can be traced to over 16 million progeny. True ?, how do they develop these facts? Parts of the dome and have collapsed and been removed. What is nice about this monument is that it hasn't been fully renovated. Naturally it is under renovation. The inside is a construction site.

Hotel tonight, as no camping facilities, which is welcome! Also a restaurant meal, but no alcohol. This should change next week!

Amazing to think on this date last month, I arrived in Tashkent without bicycle. Have now ridden over 2000 kms in the month, seen many amazing sites, and camped in many lousy campsites! Less than the same period until I finish. I meant to note that after we left Uzbekistan, the President died without a successor in place. Not surprising, none of the despots want a competitor! Election for a President has been set for early December.

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10th September 2016

Hello from the Bay
Hi Roger, enjoy reading your Blog. Well you are half way, lets hope the next half is a little easier for you, very hard going for you if we may say so.Keep safe & well. Barb & Jim
10th September 2016

One month gone already!
Hi Roger, Graham & I are enjoying the photo's & blogs. Sounds like a very hard ride but very interesting places you are travelling through.. Take care . G & S

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