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October 3rd 2015
Published: October 10th 2015
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The route of our journey through Iran resembled the Persian number seven ۷

It is in no way a reflection of our guides but writing the blog entries for Iran has made us realise that having everything arranged for us and without using public transport while making things easy also makes travelling less interesting and gives little to write about - we don't want to read a laundry list of “then we went here, then we did this” so can be sure nobody else does. Therefore this final Iranian entry is also going to be short and cover quite a long distance – Esfahan to the Turkish border via Tehran along with some reflections.

Iranian driving has been an “interesting” experience. Iranians love to talk and when they do they look you in the eye, this is great if you're sitting in a cafe but a little worrying when barrelling along a motorway at 120 kmh with the driver turning in his seat to chat. The lanes marked on the road are only for guidance, the traffic was always one car (or lorry or bus) wider than the number of lanes. Priority at junctions seemed to go to the bravest. Crossing the street was always an adventure. In short if there is a system it remained a mystery to us. In Tehran with a population of >17m, all of this was multiplied many times over.

We loved Iran, it's historic cities, fantastic and interesting sights, great sleeper trains, chaotic and lively character, schizo public and private lives, and wonderful people. When governments – American, British and Iranian, stop being such a bunch of fucking clowns and make things easier for the rest of us we'll be back.

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10th October 2015

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